Writing for dummies

After writing for about seven years, I’m still a dummy. So I research day in and day out about things that could help me improve. So one day I found this list by Jack Kerouac, entitled “Belief and Technique for Modern Prose: List of Essentials.” It was dated in the 1950’s, and most of the things that were listed were really timeless. And so I was inspired to make my own list, but with a twist. I wrote 30 things I’ve come to realize in my life and with writing too. My list consists of things I’ve gathered through my whole life from mentors, books, and from being observant. And now may I present, Life and Writing for dummies. 🙂

  1. Write your life with a pen, not with a pencil. Learn from mistakes, don’t try to erase them.
  2. Make lists.
  3. Never fear rejection.
  4. When all else fails, drink a cup of coffee. And pick up your pen again.
  5. Inspiration can come from the simplest things. Even from a simple text message.
  6. Find the magnificent beauty in silence.
  7. Never settle for simple. Life’s too complicated to give you simple.
  8. Write. And write again. Keep writing till your heart runs out of ink.
  9. Don’t just write what you’ve experienced. Reach for the unknown, grasp a shooting star, ride that magic carpet and venture into a new world.
  10. Enjoy the little things.
  11. Do something foolish. Learn to ride a bike with no hands. Eat street food. Fall in love.
  12. Love yourself. Even that little mole on your toe.
  13. When you write, write for one person. If you want to make everyone happy then be a clown.
  14. Be comfortable with who you are. Awkwardness is not a cute trait.
  15. Never give something in half. You’d only get half in return.
  16. Give compliments and mean it. You’d never know how much it would mean to the receiver.
  17. Keep a diary. if it’s too much, at least bring a notepad to write the best or worst moments.
  18. Try to be nice. The reason why bad people exist is because it’s easier. Being nice is a challenge. Take it.
  19. Don’t try to change the world. Because how you see it may not be the same with other people.
  20. Fall in love. It doesn’t have to be romantic love. You can love music, art and other non human things. Just find something that makes your heart melt or skip a beat.
  21. Write. Rewrite. Print it. And read it. Then rewrite again if necessary  Mistakes can’t easily be detected with first glance, so read your work over and over until you’re contented.
  22. Try something new everyday. Eat something you’ve never tried. Learn a new instrument. Read a new book.
  23. Bring a small notepad and a pen with you EVERYWHERE. The most brilliant ideas don’t always come when you’re at home safe and sound.
  24. Read the Desiderata.
  25. Write everyday. Write a thousand words. Or maybe just five hundred words. If all else fails, at least a hundred words. If you still can’t do it, write gibberish.
  26. Free write. It’s psychologically proven that if you free write before an exam or a hectic day, it makes your mind sharper and makes you feel lighter.
  27. Fall in love. Fall out of love. Fall in love again. Just make sure you do it the most poetic way you can.
  28. Pray. No matter what religion you’re in, pray.
  29. Free yourself once in awhile. Dance to a random music. Sing loudly (even when you’re out of tune).
  30. Never forget all those who helped you when you were down. They’ll help keep your feet on the ground when you’re on top of the world.
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