Why so short?

I write stories as if they were one night stands.

Boom. Kablam. Thank you ma’am.

You go in, you meet this sexy little thing, you get to know about it, read it, then something happens inside you and you just dive. Moments later that person walks out  the door and you’re either feeling satisfied or empty, depending on how the sex -in this case story – was.

If you fell in love with the character or not and if you hated the story or you want more, you can’t do anything about it. The story walked out of your life but gave you the perfect distraction.

A lot of people who have read my stories have mostly said the same thing: that they wish it was longer, that just as they were warming up to the character it’s suddenly done, and that they wish I wrote a whole novel out of it.

Well, I want to tell all of you that these reactions are what I’ve been expecting.

You see, about two years ago I figured out my purpose: to write to become a distraction from the craziness of life. To write stories that will grip your attention for a moment and let you go when you need to. I’ve been reading novels that were emotionally draining and that after I’ve read them I’d just want to read more and actually not become productive.

I write the scenes in my head, but I want them all to be just a collaboration of moments of the characters that would end either leaving the reader satisfied or wanting for more – just like sex.

This this is why I’ve never written something more than 30,000 words – it’s getting into a relationship. It’s too long, too informative, and the next thing you know there is no more sex.

So the next time you read a story from me and you find yourself quenching for more, then my purpose has been fulfilled. 😀

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Speaking of short stories, I’ve finished the first half of my baby, All My Favorite Words! You can get it for free when you sign up for my blog! This one is the perfect one night stand – you don’t need to know the names of the characters!


How about you? Do you prefer one night stand types of stories or a relationship?


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