Why New York?

Every time I feel like I get sucked into life’s daily routine, there’s always been a thought that reminds me that I am working towards something: New York.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to get paid to write and to travel. I wanted to be able to share the truth as I see it and to have the world know what they need to know.

And at that time, working for The New York Times was my dream job. You could say it was because of all the New York movies I watched (looking at you, The Devil Wears Prada) that first inspired me to add New York on the top of my bucket list.

Added to the fact that most of my favorite book publishers had offices in New York, I added becoming part of the book publishing industry as my second dream job.

A few years later, when I go an internship at a newspaper, I found that the journalism life wasn’t for me. It didn’t fit who I was, and wasn’t what I thought it would be.

But my dream to go to New York lived on.

There was always the book publishers.

I got lucky and landed a job in book publishing, and I knew I had to start somewhere.

Soon though, I outgrew that dream once again as I started having new experiences, and decided that I wanted to be able to have different offices outside of the Philippines.

And of course, my first choice was New York.

There’s always something enchanting when I find myself thinking of the Big Apple. The city lights, the hodgepodge of people from different cultures and the romanticism of it all keeps drawing me into its clutches.

I have no idea when I’m getting to New York, but I know that I’ll get there. I already have my US Visa to prepare for it 😀

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