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Twisting You
Disclaimer: I got this book in exchange for a review from the book’s publisher, Inkitt.
I once read Twisting You while it was first on Wattpad, and I was more than happy to know that it got published! Before I go to my review, here’s the book description from Amazon:
What happens if you are meant to be, but life is getting in the way of love?

Every werewolf has one mate, their perfect counterpart. Chloe is mated with her teacher Xavier; they are meant to be together for life. But when Xavier denies her on her 18th birthday, Chloe’s entire world crumbles into pieces. Xavier doesn’t want to let Chloe go, but being married to a human and with two children isn’t making things easier for him.

Will Xavier and Chloe ever be able to be together, or will she have a chance to love someone else?

Simone definitely took her own spin on having a “mate” on this thrilling and drama-filled novel. Usually in werewolf books like these, having a “mate” means that the two of you were meant to be together ever since you were children, which will manifest once one of you turns eighteen.
Sadly for Xavier, his mate was merely a baby when he started looking for her, and in a twist of life, fell in love with a human. As for Chloe, the moment she felt her mate, she wanted him, but Xavier has denied her at every turn.
I thought that the book definitely provided its own twists and turns that kept me wanting to read what happens next to Chloe, and the ending was definitely a surprise! If you love werewolves romances with a twist, you’ll love Twisting You!
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