How to Create a Travel Dream Board

travel dream board
Having a travel dream board is an amazing way to remind you of where you’re going. It reminds you of what is out there, of things you want to achieve and what could be possible. It’s a great pick-me-up when you’re having a bad day, and a motivation when you’ve got your juices flowing.


Growing up, I mostly had my dream boards on scrapbooks, but ever since I moved out and got my own room, I’ve been making the walls my life-sized scrapbook. And since I can’t take my room with me when I travel, I also have a dream board on my Pinterest account.
travel dream boards
A dream board (or a vision board as some would call it) is a collection of images of things you want in life. Whether it’s a representation of the person you want to become, pictures of the places you want to go, and things you want to do. Kind of like a bucket list but with pictures.


Having a dream board means that you are constantly looking at what you want in life. The point is so that you can always check if the decisions you’re making helps or hurts your dreams.


In my room and on my Pinterest, one of the most common pictures are ones that are connected to traveling. I always want to see where I can go next, and what I need to do to get there.


Being able to see every day the beautiful places I can go inspires me to push a little further. Last year, I had Bali and Singapore on my travel dream board as places I want to go. Last June and August, I got to check both of them off the list! 😃


If you’d like to know how I made my physical and digital dream board, follow these five easy steps:


  1. Create a Pinterest account.
Our journey to creating a travel dream board starts here, on a social media platform practically made for creating dream boards. All you have to do is create a Pinterest account or log-in through another social media platform. You can set it up however you want and you’re good to go!
  1. Create your Pinterest board
You can start creating a Pinterest board by clicking “Create board” right on your profile. Since we’re focusing on a travel dream board here, I would suggest naming your dream board “Travel”. You can also make it specific if you have a specific place you want to go to, like “New York”.
To start filling our your board, you need to start pinning. Simply search for the pictures you want to see on your board, and click on the picture you want to pin. Hover over the picture and click the “Save” with the pin symbol. Click on your travel board by clicking “Save” to be able to see it on your profile later.
And you’re done on creating your digital travel dream board! Comment below your Pinterest account or your board so I can follow you 🙂


(Only continue if you want to start creating a physical travel dream board)


  1. Download and print your photos
Once you feel that you have a good sized board, you can start downloading the pictures to your computer and print them. Just right click your photo and click “Save image as…” and save it on your computer. You can create a folder so you can easily find your pictures afterward.


Once you’re finished, you can either print it yourself at home or go to a photo place that will print your pictures for you.


Pygmy tip: Use good quality photo paper. You can try matte photo paper or a higher GSM photo paper. They will last longer, and won’t curl at the sides after a while.


  1. Decorate!
Try to visualize what you want to see on your travel dream board. Do you want a map on your wall? A couple of your own travel photos? Feel free to let your creative spirit run wild on this one. If you want inspiration, Pinterest has amazing examples of travel dream boards you can copy.


Here are a few things I recommend when decorating your board:
  • Daydream Republic is an online shop where you can order travel dream board worthy materials like a beautiful map where you can pin your travels or travel goals, bucket list postcards, and posters! They ship worldwide too <3

  • Print your own postcard goals. I’ve been collecting postcards from the different countries I’ve been to, but I also have postcards of the places I want to go so I can replace them with the real thing later. You can buy prints off of Etsy, or download and print your own off of Pinterest.

  • Make sure to leave space for future additional travel goals. You don’t want to rearrange the whole board just to accommodate one more thing you wanted to add in post. So keep your board flexible.
  1. Update
Celebrate your wins and update your goals as you go. You will change what you want in life, so feel free to take them down and put new ones up.



Post pictures of you achieving your goal and even write up what you felt when you achieve your goals.


Whenever I visit another country I make sure to buy a postcard to put up on my own dream board, as well as pictures to remind me that I have achieved my goals before.



And that’s it! Please do comment below pictures, or links to them, or your Pinterest account or your board so I can follow you 🙂
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