To write, or not to write?

I think we all have those days. You look at your computer and all you see is that stupid blinking cursor, just taunting you.

Just waiting for you to fail to get a word out of your head.
Just waiting for you to just give up, close the window and get sucked into watching another season of something your friend recommended.
Just waiting for you to check your checklist and put an “x” on “write a f*cking chapter”

But then it’s worse when it happens for a week.
And then a month.
Little did you know, you haven’t written anything that you really like for a year.

By then you think about hanging the old notebook and pen, and just giving up on ever writing another book.

And then you feel that itch.
You want to write something, but you have no idea what.
You’ve pinned so many things on your Pinterest, under the board “writing ideas”
You have bookmarks with ideas you got here and there from articles.

You close your laptop.
You take a deep breath.

And you black out for a second and all of the sudden you’re writing more than a hundred words of what could just be word vomit.

But you know what? You finally did it. You wrote something.

It’s crap. Sure.
Accept it.
Breathe it in.
And swear no one will see the light of day of whatever it is you finally wrote.

Guess what?

You’ve proven you’re a writer. Writers don’t write because they have to. We write because we need to.

And you just started your favourite drug again.

Hopefully, this time, it’s enough to get you to check off that stupid “to do” on your list.

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