The morning before the storm

When I woke up this morning, the sky looked like a gray canvas.

Slowly, I could hear the pitter patter of rain pouring down on our roof. The trees were still, but I knew that soon they would be bending. The streets were bare, empty of vehicles except for the man riding a bicycle with a rainbow colored raincoat on. The “calm before the storm” has already passed, the warm night turning into a cold morning. I listened to the radio all night long, and when I woke up they were just announcing that the storm was brewing near.

I checked my siblings, all who were still asleep and oblivious to what was happening. I observed the things around me: the quiet hum of the AC, the jingle of the ceiling fan as it turns, the music coming from the radio. I reminded myself that one the storm hits, all of the electricity would be cut. The candles have been ready for use since last night, the flashlights’ batteries all new. My biggest fear of sleeping in the dark without the street lights on donned on me, but I had to be strong.

Soon the rain poured harder, making me more nervous. My other siblings woke up, also shocked with how the sky looked like. The super typhoon was minutes away from making land fall, hitting our region first. It would be scary to think that the storm was getting stronger as it passed the Pacific. Cars began to rush by, making the water on the pavement swoosh with every tire it comes in contact with.

Around eight, it became eerily silent. It made me doubt that maybe the storm would not pass us. Cars began to fill the roads, the drivers honking loudly, trying to rush on home. It became significantly warmer, although the sky still held its gloomy color. The news still said that the storm was going to hit soon, and classes were suspended for all. The social sites all boomed with worry from people who has loved ones here, and some expressed their fear.

In the end, we could only hope for the best, and expect that things wouldn’t take a turn for the worst. You can never be prepared enough for what is about to happen. And even if I don’t look forward to meeting this storm eye-to-eye, I just hope it passes by quickly without much damage. 
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26 Replies to “The morning before the storm”

  1. Is it still going on? I too hope it passes with no problems. Where I live, we don't get typhoons nor do we get hurricanes, but sometimes a tornado comes and it can be devastating.

  2. It's predicted to pass today, so we're still anticipating it. We're the first 'target'

  3. Stay safe! I look forward to reading your writing after this passes. 🙂 Hold your siblings tight and please… be safe.

  4. That just sounds so scary! I hope everything will be okay and that it won't hit you too hard!

  5. We just went through a devastating hurricane here in New York City last year. I hope you guys avoid this storm and that it all works out in the long-run.

  6. I hope everything goes by quickly and you stay safe through this storm

  7. Just try to stay safe, know that we all are thinking about you and praying for you and your family.

  8. I hope you guys all weather the storm safely! We've gotten hit with a few beauties here, too, and they are so scary!

  9. Stay safe hope it soon passes without to much damage.

  10. Ek I'm thinking of you – stay safe and I really hope it passes without too many problems x

  11. I thought about you last night and was so excited to see your post on my LV trunk. I just knew Haiyan had passed but I guess I was wrong. I remember leaving for many hurricanes when I was younger but it was easy for us to leave the small barrier island where I grew up. After one storm my cat brought back two tiny squirrels that must have been blown out of a nest. I kept them inside for several

  12. I lived in south Florida and have felt the uncertainty and gloom of an impending storm many a time. You represented that nicely here.

  13. Please do stay safe, and keep us updated! Fingers crossed it passes by with very little damage x

  14. I hope it passes without much damage! Stay safe!

  15. These storms always leave me so nervous. They can cause so much damage so easily and I have lots of family and friends in the line of the store. Stay safe!!

  16. Stay safe, I have been through so many storms and it can get ugly. Sending prayers your way that all is okay.

  17. So scary! I wish I could say that we were always prepared for the worst, but we never are. I lived in an area where there were many tornados. There is no way to be prepared for that. Take care.

  18. I hope the storm passes by without any damage in your area!

  19. I think it would be very scary to know a typhoon is coming and that there is not much you can do about it. I hope your family is safe and you are able to stay warm and dry.

  20. Hurricanes are so scary because they can change course at any time and the anticipation is crazy. I hope you are staying safe.

  21. I've been in hurricanes before having lived in the caribbean and they can be really dangerous. I'm praying for you here that everything goes well and you stay safe.

  22. It's scary not knowing what the storm's intensity will be. Stay safe! I'm glad you have things ready should the power go out!

  23. I remember living in Florida and getting hurricanes all the time!

  24. Stay safe. I am so glad we do not get those here. We have hurricanes but nothing major like that.

  25. Sounds spooky! I hope everyone is okay! Will be praying!

  26. Le-an, Hoping all is well with you. Just want you to know we are thinking about you in our group..

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