The mirror’s presage

An abrupt pain causes me to look at my arm, and I stealthily swat the buzzing culprit away. My groggy eyes look up, the eerie silence slowly creeping up to me. It was almost like those cowboy movies were there was a whistle of wind blowing the sand and a tumbleweed would pass by. Except in my reality the wind was caused by a fan blowing very fast(the controls were broken) that it would actually better if I turned it off, and the tumbleweed was the unopened envelopes that were blown by the fan.

I stand up for the fourteenth time since the office closed at eight, and to be honest I thought I was going to lose some weight after standing up for so many times and picking up runaway envelopes. But when I sit back down my belly just protruded itself. I sigh, and I return to sorting out the envelopes. I glance at the clock, and I groan when I see that it has only been two hours since I started. I reach for another parchment, and I notice that it had something heavy inside it. I felt curious, knowing that people rarely sent letters with objects in it. I look around, and I mentally slap myself. No one was here. I’m alone. Very slowly, and clumsily if I may add, I opened the brown covered parchment. I heard a jingle as I reached my hand into it.


I heard a soft whisper, and my heart beats louder. A million thoughts rushed into my head, the one dominating was someone caught me.


I hear it again, and goosebumps erupt all over my body. After a few moments everything becomes quiet again, and I gulp down hard then I take out the object from the package. When I look at it, I see my own reflection. For a moment I felt my soul leave my body, but then I realized it was a mirror with a small key chain. I understood where the jingling sound came from, but it still didn’t explain why I heard someone call my name.


A buff voice called, and I almost dropped the mirror. I shakily looked around, and I sighed to myself thinking that after 5 years of working here every night alone, it was only now that I was imagining things. I shake the feeling off, but then I hear it again. And my eyes widened when I realized where the sound came from.


With shaky hands, I hold the mirror. I turn it around, and I felt my heart stop for a moment. My reflection, if it was my reflection, was staring right at me. My jet black hair became all white, and I wrinkles that were never there. But that didn’t freak me out. No. It was the fact that my eyes were rolled over my head, so that it only showed the white part. There was blood currently dripping from my nose. My mouth was open, my teeth cracked. And the creepiest part? The blood came out of the mirror and was dripping on my khaki pants. Just when I was about to look away, a haunted laugh rang through the silent office.

“Joel. Silly Joel. You’re stuck here forever.”

The reflection moved it lips, although it’s pupils were still missing and the nose hasn’t stopped bleeding.

“Someday Joel, you’ll look like this.”

I slam the mirror unto my cubicle wall, and it smashed into pieces. Another laugh echoed, and in horror I saw one of the pieces of the broken mirror sticking into my arm. I slowly remove it, closing my eyes as I endured the pain. But when I opened my eyes, I only saw the dead mosquito I have killed only minutes ago. I cold chill ran up my spine, and I see the parchment in front of me, unopened. I hurriedly got my coat and caught a cab home.

The next day, a package arrived.

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45 Replies to “The mirror’s presage”

  1. Well, that made me get goosebumps!

  2. i'll take that as a compliment considering this is my first horror 😀

  3. That was very good. It caused me to have anticipation and felt creepy the way a horror story should.

  4. Creepy! Well done, that really got me 🙂 Looking forward to more

  5. Very well done! Really caught my attention and I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

  6. Ooh I didn't expect that ending! creepy!

  7. That would be a creepy scene having the mirror reflect reality more than just an image.

  8. Freaky but interesting.

  9. I don't like reading horror stories, made me wide awake every night. I didn't finished reading this story but I still imagine the first part though.

  10. First, you have a great way of telling a story.<br />The slow is very good. <br />Gripping enough to make me read it all the way to find out the end. <br /><br />The trick about creepiness is to make us believe it can happen and you sure did it 🙂

  11. Loved it! Good thing I&#39;m not reading this at

  12. goosebumps all over me, that should be in the movie lol

  13. Horror stories frighten me!

  14. yes it would, but I guess i&#39;ve been writing too much realist posts that I wanted something different

  15. i can totally relate with you! i didn&#39;t sleep so much last night when I wrote this

  16. unfortunately for me, I wrote this at 10pm. talk about now being able to look at a mirror for a while

  17. Imagine yourself as a seventeen year old girl who hasn&#39;t written a horror story decide to make this at almost midnight. that&#39;s scary.

  18. Omg! Scary @.@ buti not lang im not alone in the office now.

  19. I love how this was written. I love to read horror stories if they arent too weriod. Perfect read!

  20. Definitely creepy! I haven&#39;t read any horrors, i don&#39;t handle horror well. But you did very well setting that scene up. great job!

  21. Fantastic – I love a good horror and I really enjoyed this from start to finish Thank you!!!

  22. thanks for sharing! Very well written 🙂

  23. Great way to make the reader anticipate more. Suspense.

  24. This is awesome! I read this twice!

  25. Great story telling skills! You are a very talented writer.

  26. Great writing…. wow!!

  27. This caught my attention right from the start. I am wondering what happens next.

  28. CREEPY! You did it with a great horror effect . Looking forward for more 🙂

  29. You should write more stories like these! Haha. I am a horror (&amp; a tragic love story) girl at heart and I love reading stories like these. Waaah &gt;.&lt;<br /><br />Another great writing! 😀

  30. Wow you had me on the edge of my seat! Can&#39;t wait to read more in the future! I love horror!

  31. Wow. I really liked it.

  32. oooo chills 😀 I love it!

  33. Wow! So creepy! You have some great writing skills! 🙂

  34. it would really scare me to see my old self in the mirror and speak!! i admire your skills!

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