The fed-up hopeless romantic’s letter

Dear boyfriend,

You know how I feel about you. 

You know how my eyes sparkle when I see you. You know how I can’t help but smile when you stare at me. You know how I get dizzy when you kiss me. You know how weak I get when you hug me. You know how I feel giddy every time you tell me you love me, and in return I can’t help but tell you how much I love you back. You know how I can’t help but melt whenever you’re around, even though I’m mad at you. How I can’t help but fall in love with you every moment. You know that I’d do anything you want in a heartbeat, no matter what the consequences would be.

Even when I don’t want to do it, I do it anyway because I like seeing that smile on your face. God knows how I want you to always smile. And yet, all I’m asking from you is time to be with you, and you always have reasons not to do so. I have to demand it, like I’m at the lowest of your priorities. You like to take advantage of how I feel for you, in more ways than one. You make me chase you, then you make me feel like you were the one who was doing the chasing. You rarely do anything for me anymore, aside from loving me the way you do. If you still love me that is.

Someday you’re going to miss how one look from you and you’d see me practicality floating for you. Someday I’d float for someone else,someone who isn’t you. Someone who would REALLY drop everything for me. Not just dropping because he can, but because he has to. Because he wants to be near my side the moment I ask for it. And when that time comes, I won’t even remember what it was like to be in love with you. Please don’t wait for the day when our forever becomes a never.

I’ve never been this demanding; so I hope you think this through.

Always remember, I love you. But enough is enough.

Girlfriend. <3

There’s a Filipino quote, “Pag ang tanga nauntog, lagot ka.” (When someone stupid awakens from their stupidity, watch out)
Kind of fiction. Written by me, maybe for someone. In my 3-year long relationship, some days are better than others.
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15 Replies to “The fed-up hopeless romantic’s letter”

  1. This is very sweet. You did a great job writing this.

  2. I love that quote at the end. Sadly sometimes though, people never wake up from their stupidity!

  3. Love is such a complicated thing but it should be given as well as received. No one needs someone that takes advantage of the love you freely give. Sometimes enough is enough….there is always someone out there who will appreciate and return your love.

  4. That&#39;s a very lucky guy to have someone feel the way you do about him. 3 years is a long time to be with some one are there marriage plans in the future ?

  5. You tell him girl! Although my boyfriend has been complaining about the same thing….. I don&#39;t spend enough time with him!

  6. I&#39;ve always been a hopeless romantic and I think getting and writing romance letters is so wonderful.

  7. Sometimes it is better to just walk away even if it hurts at the time. Some people just do not get it and you deserve someone who actually spends time with you.

  8. I recently read The 5 Love Languages. It&#39;s so interesting! One of the love languages of course is quality time. Knowing a spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend&#39;s love language can make all the difference in the relationship.

  9. Wow! That&#39;s amazing that you are in Gf-Bf relationship for 3 years! It gets tougher when relationships gets longer but that&#39;s the fun thing about life! Tough times are the best times and makes both hearts mature. You&#39;ll grow from a bud to blooming flower!

  10. This is a story we can all relate to in some form or other. I love the quote about past the end of the story too. 🙂

  11. Beautiful letter and to the point. I felt this way with an ex-boyfriend a long time ago and this nailed it!

  12. Like what they all say – love is not always about happiness and being sweet – there are rough moments and bitterness too.

  13. You should never let anyone take advantage of you in any way. Ever. That&#39;s not healthy for anyone, neither side of the relationship. It&#39;s rough when you see it happen, but parting ways, or ending it is a step.

  14. I don&#39;t blame you… After a while, enough is enough. Who needs to feel abandoned when there are other fish in the sea?

  15. This reminds me of the many times I wrote a love letter to my first crush back in high school. Hopefully you get a reply back..

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