The End

According to the movie Mr. And Mrs. Smith, “In the end, you start to think about the beginning.”

So when you’re dangling from a cliff and you’re deathly afraid of heights, you think about what got you there. You rack your brain to remember where your worries began, and in the end you blame the guy who drove you crazy enough to get yourself stuck on the edge of a cliff. And in my case, he was Kent Clark. No, he’s not superman. Though he did rock that “S” logo on his right arm. I should have known guys with tatoos were up to no good.

And as cliche as it might sound, I still fell for the bad boy.

It was great in the beginning. It always is. Though he was high tempered and was constantly on his man period, it was great. Sure, he liked pushing my buttons, but I liked pushing his buttons too. 

But when he started making dangerous sports a usual thing during our dates and threatening to date other girls if I said no, it started to go down hill. And then he started to smoke in my face just to get a cough out of me, then he’d laugh making more smoke smother my face. And when I saw a red underwear in his apartment even though we’ve never had sex, I drew the line.

“The underwear is for you! So you would..” He paused, then whispered in a small voice. “Maybe move in with me.”

“And you gave me a freaking underwear? Could not have given just a simple flower or something?” His lips were suddenly on mine, completely shutting me up.

“Did you just hear what I said? I asked you to move in with me, something I’ve never done with any of my exes, and you’re mad because I gave you underwear instead of flowers? Anyone can give you flowers babe. But no other guy who is in love with you would buy you underwear.”

I admit that all my anger melted and went down the drain, because that was the first time he said he loves me. But the anger began to rise again when he lighted another cigarette.

Now back to the present, with my strength draining with every second as I dangled. I let out a frustrated sigh, as I began to scream for help. My voice was becoming hoarse by now, as I prayed for help to come.


Finally! Someone’s here!

“Samantha it’s Kent! Where are you?”

Oh how cliche. Superman saves the day. I hear rustling of leaves, and soon his maniacal laugh.

“Sam, what are you doing?” He says in between his laughter. Jerk.

“Hanging from a cliff that you asked me to climb. Now would you please save me?”

“You do know you have about a one feet distance from the ground right?”

For the first time since I landed in this predicament, I looked down.

“Oh.” I hopped down, and surely enough I was safe. How embarrassing. Surely enough my supposed to be Superman was smirking at me.

“Awwe. My girl is afraid of heights.” He teased.

“No I’m not!” I screamed like a five year old girl.

“Well let’s see.” He began to pick me up bridal style, and began to carry me to the end of the hill. I felt safe in his arms, those muscles that..

“Put me down Jerk!” He merely chuckled, and then flashed me that evil smile of his. We were just at the edge, and I began to grip onto his suit.

“Tell me you love me baby, and I might just let you down safely.”

“Over my dead body.”

He literally jumped, and I hanged on to him for dear life. I screamed his ear off as he tugged on his parachute. Well, here’s to the end all over again. 

Yehey! My first story not related to Haiyan 😀 

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19 Replies to “The End”

  1. wow! you had me!<br />what a rollercoaster. Love your story and sense of humor. Thanks for sharing

  2. I am so happy that you are back to writing stories again. Does this mean things are starting to get back to normal for you a little bit?

  3. So very happy that this is fiction and not real life!! We all fall for bad guys at one point or another I guess and I was just about to tell you to run not walk away from this one until I realized it was fiction!!

  4. That would be a crazy relationship, always stay away from the bad boys – fiction or non-fiction!. I missed your stories. I hope you are doing okay with all you have been through (not sure what okay is though after that)

  5. Hahahhaa…. wasn&#39;t sure if this was true or not. You write like you have been there done that. Missed your stories.

  6. Was just about to ask that same question Masshole Mommy asked. I&#39;m glad you&#39;re back to writing stories as well. I missed them but I know things are still crazy over there.

  7. When I loaded your blog, I was thinking of taking a nap.. Now I&#39;m awake! Thank you! Such great writing!

  8. You write very well. really interesting.

  9. You are an amazing writer. Write a noel and I will read it and promote it. Great post.

  10. Who doesn&#39;t love a bad boy? Sigh!<br />Great story.

  11. Another good story! I hope that everything is beginning to return to normal for you and your family.

  12. What a thrill!! I love reading your posts and being entertained at the same time!! Fun!!

  13. There are so many emotions in this piece. It&#39;s amazing how human beings can go through so many emotions in such a short time. It can be exhilarating at times.

  14. I like the sound and feel of this story. Keep writing. I&#39;m curious to know what other adventures these two get into : )

  15. I truly enjoyed reading this. For a second I thought it was for real hheeh You write very well. <br />

  16. Endings are always the start of a new beginning! I love this well written as always!

  17. I like your stories so much, I start and simply cannot do anytging else untill I get to the end. I agree it is all about the beginning.<br /><br />Fan R @TeddyOutReady<br /><br /><br />

  18. I&#39;ve seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith at least five times and don&#39;t think I ever caught that quote. But it is so true, isn&#39;t it?

  19. I love your stories and your humor in them. I love seeing everything you come up with

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