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With 56 food stalls to choose from, Sugbo Mercado is one of the best weekend night markets in Cebu. For me, it’s always been the great stop right after work, or after the gym.
Open from Thursdays to Sundays from five in the afternoon to midnight, and located in IT Park, Sugbo Mercado is the perfect place to try new things and indulge in old favorites.
Below are less than five reasons to eat at Sugbo Mercado next weekend:
  1. There’s food for every craving

If you’re PMSing, stressed or simply looking for something good, Sugbo Mercado has it. From Thai food to Japanese food to desserts from around the world, you can have your fill by just going around the block!
Find home cooked style meals or fast food-ish feels as you stop by the bright and colourful food stalls!
  1. There’s always something new to try

With new stalls popping up almost every week, you’ll never know what your palette will find next. From big crunchy fried chicken to ice cream cones made of cinnamon, there will always be something you’ve never seen or tasted before in Sugbo Mercado.
  1. Supporting new businesses

One of my favorite things about Sugbo Mercado is that it is basically a beta test camp for entrepreneurs who want to see their business idea in real time. Here, new entrepreneurs can see how their customers react to their inventions, see if there’s actually an audience for it, and get direct feedback! A lot of businesses have shot up because they tested it out in the night market!
That’s it! If those reasons didn’t convince you, then drive on over to Sugbo Mercado next weekend and see it for yourself!
Have you tried the food at Sugbo Mercado?
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