After four months, it lights up our streets.
And ultimately, our hearts.
In between publishing my book, getting confined in the hospital for a week, and struggling with my studies, it’s easy to forget that four months ago, Haiyan almost drowned me.
Last night, something beautiful happened. A streetlight near our house got turned on.
To some of you, this may not be a big of a deal. But for us who have been powerless since the storm, it’s a way of igniting that someday everything would be the way that it was.
The turning on of the streetlight lessened our fears of someone breaking into our house, since it would be lighter outside.
The turning on of the streetlight meant that soon, we’d get our electricity back soon.
The turning on of the streetlight means that I don’t have to bring my laptop everyday to school just to charge it.
The turning on of the streetlight means that I won’t have to be too afraid of going down stairs in the morning since I could just light things up with a flip of a switch.

The last four months haven’t been easy, as we adjusted our lives after the storm wrecked our home. With the streetlight on, it makes us hope for something better.
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19 Replies to “Streetlight”

  1. It's unbelievable to me that you are STILL without power. I can not imagine such a daily struggle, but there is now hope & hopefully the full power comes back on soon!

  2. Sounds like it's been a very trying time for you lately! I'm so glad to see that you have retained hope and that you can still see the good in things, wishing you the very best!

  3. Wow – I'm glad you're ok after the storm though! It's the simple things in life that tend to touch our hearts the most – and I can see why it was badly needed.

  4. Yay for the streetlight! I can see just how exciting this is for you, and am so happy you feel a bit more safe and more hopeful!

  5. I'm sorry things have been so rough. Congrats on your book, though. That's pretty amazing!

  6. What a beautiful piece of writing thank you.

  7. I totally teared up reading this. It is very easy to forget how good we have it. I'm so happy for you that things are getting back. And I hope your health improve too!

  8. This is beautiful! You said so much with a simple street light- and all of them are absolutely true 🙂

  9. It's wonderful when little things like this give us back our sense of hope. I'm glad that things are returning to as normal as they can be after such an awful event.

  10. Oh I didn't know you're publishing a book, I'll have to check it out! I also love streetlights to be on around the place I live.

  11. So happy for you! Hopefully this is the sign of a speedy recovery and more inspiration for you

  12. After going through Hurricane Sandy I remember how excited I was to have the power on. It was so nice to start returning to normal life and I am so sorry that your home was wrecked in a storm 🙁

  13. I'm glad that things are finally getting back a sense of normality for you. Hopefully it gets even better soon. Wishing you all the best!

  14. It is good to hear that you will have power soon. That streetlight is definitely a beautiful sign!

  15. It has to be so tough for you. It is little things like this that represent such hope when you have been through so much. Progress is being made.

  16. It is so easy to take electricity for granted. Your post just threw me right into a different perspective. Thank you. I'm so happy for you that the electricity is about to be restored and the street light is giving hope! Its great!

  17. I had no idea that you had been in the hospital. I'm so glad that things are finally looking up for you.

  18. I'm so glad to hear the light came on! It's sometimes the little things that make the biggest difference.

  19. I like how you use the streetlight image to tell a story and give yourself a sense of hope. I hope things improve in your area soon. Stay safe.

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