Somac Korean Restaurant: Pygmy Food Travels

Right across the Greenery in Mabolo, Cebu is a newly opened Somac Korean Restaurant filled with authentic Korean food and the most friendly of servers.

A place where you can cook your own meat, Somac offers the feel of being in South Korea without having to go there! Their affordable food and the overall feel of the place will definitely spark your South Korea wanderlust. I especially love that they have options for those who can’t tolerate spicy sauces!

Perfect for a dinner for two or one big group, Somac also has a place where you can reserve a room where you and your group could celebrate birthday parties receptions or anything you would like to use the room for as long as you are at least a group of 15.
They also have a main branch in Ayala Business Park which you can definitely check out.
If you’re in Cebu and you’re looking for authentic Korean cuisine definitely try Somac Korean Restaurant!’
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