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I’ve never really been the fashionista kind of girl (obviously), but I know how to dress to impress. With a few accessories, I’ll be ready to party or meet new people at an event.


And thanks to a free online Instagram class, I got to meet Ira, a twenty-three year old professional fashion merchandiser and owner of Shop Martini. She’s an artist who uses bags to paint on instead of a canvas!

With her hand-painted bags and unique style, I was immediately sold on buying one of her first bags, which I’ve been using for formal events. I even bought one for my sister’s birthday where Ira took a picture of our dog, Butter, and got him on the bag!

I’ve interviewed her below to find out more about her booming business and how YOU can grab her amazing bags.


What inspired you to start your business?
I was (and still am!) inspired by these 3 reasons in starting my business:
1) creating a brand for the fun and fearless – catering for the retail fans and custom-made lovers
2) putting my painting into good value – I chose bags because this is the most useful accessory
3) birthday gift to myself – doing something I’ve always wanted to do


What’s your usual process?
Three main steps in the process:
1) buying – choosing the design, color, fabric, etc. of the bag; this usually takes the longest process since I source from various local shops
2) painting – fun part! I just paint my heart away
3) shooting – since Shop Martini is an online store, product pictorial plays a big role in marketing the items.

Choose your canvass. *SOLD*

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What are the usual materials that you use?
I source my bags locally -each crafted from various faux leather materials. These are then individually hand-painted using leather paint.


What’s the best part about being an artist?
Being an artist is a 24/7 job. There’s no stopping, no resigning -breaking, even. You just constantly get inspired and excited by a lot of things. Also, there are no rules, no Math, no wrong and nothing is even right. It’s all about putting it out to the world and letting people experience your art.

What city are you from and what’s your favorite thing about it?
Alabang. Vibe and culture


Who is your dream customer?
It’s the ladies who are both fun and driven, quirky and classic, and knows exactly what they want but still loves surprises.

Where can people find and order your products?
Currently, my products are being sold online on its Instagram platform @shop.martini


Please do check out Ira and her amazing bags and watch her grow her business! See more of her Instagram posts below:

Heeding the fall call! 😉 Available in single pieces only. DM for inquiries ✨

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