Pretentious thoughts and other things

As the plane soared up in the sky, my train of thought began to ramble in my mind, filling the silence. I forgot where I placed my ear phones, so I let my mind talk freely.

I can’t believe I almost missed my plane! I didn’t even last ten seconds in that terminal and I had to pay the terminal fee before passing through! Ah, look at the clouds. They pass by me in such a way that they seem touchable, as if I could touch it if I reach out my hand to it. Oh look, they turned the seatbelt sign on. The captain warns us of turbulence. Wow, the plane is really shaking. If I could just close my eyes I could imagine being somewhere else. Like outside maybe. But the altitude will kill me if I go outside the plane. No, I meant on the ground. Oh we’re floating over seas? At home then. Wait, why am I being pretentious? I want to go to Hawaii if I want to distract myself from the fear of the plane falling into the ground and crashing. Nooooooooo! Erase from memory. Erase from memory!

Sooooooo. Yeah. I really have a weird mind. If scientists studied it, my mind would be a reject. Harhar.

So I promised an update, well here I am!

What I’ve done so far:

1.) I attended the Iligan Writer’s Workshop. Link to the story of that HERE.

I met beautiful and wonderful writers who are just as weird as I am!

2. I’ve moved to Cebu for my internship and a job. 🙂 So that’s taking all my time from writing (booooooo) But I am learning a lot from it though (yeeeeeeey)

Yes, I made a loom bracelet while I was on a plane.

3. I celebrated the 40th monthsary with my boyfriend. <3 If you’ve read my stories, you already know him 😛 (Long Distance Relationship suck)

4. I’m REALLY going to get my book published. For real! With a publisher! That I’m working for! So yeeeeeeeeey!

5. A lot more to come. But I need more inspiration! Comment below for any story ideas because I want to write something. Anythiiiiiiiing! 

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19 Replies to “Pretentious thoughts and other things”

  1. Holy cow, you&#39;ve been busy. I was thinking about you the other day wondering where you were. I don&#39;t know if I have many good story ideas for you, but you always seem to come up with something.

  2. I love that you met people as weird as you! I love meeting people like that.. Makes me feel so normal!

  3. How exciting about your book!! Congrats!! You will do well as an author … you have great talent. <br /><br />Write down possible story ideas as they come to you randomly or at odd moments … maybe put them in a memo on your phone or something? I&#39;m no good at thinking of ideas on the spot but maybe someone else will have some ideas for you! 🙂

  4. Congrats on the book! that is great! Don&#39;t be late to that deal.

  5. Unfortunately I do not have story ideas for you. Congrats on your moving for an internship – those can be so vital for a career. Congrats on getting your book published.

  6. I hope your internship is going well! The writer&#39;s workshop you went to seems exciting.

  7. My goodness, you&#39;ve been busy! And I would try to give you some ideas, but I&#39;m not creative like that at all 🙁

  8. weirdness is adorable and totally welcomed! keep writing. we love your writing

  9. Congrats on the book publishing. That is so awesome

  10. Congrats on your internship. And hurrah for finding writers you like spending time with too. :)<br /><br />I bet my daughter&#39;s thoughts on the plane are similar to yours. 😉

  11. sounds like you have accomplished much.

  12. Yay to you! You have accomplished quite a few wonderful things, Congrats on your book being published!

  13. I am not a big fan of travelling, but I like the way you think. Amber N

  14. Congrats on all the new beginnings! Long distance does suck, but know that the heart does grow fonder with distance &amp; the reunion will be that much sweeter 🙂

  15. Looks like you have a great group of write friends and you have a lot of your plate. Enjoy it all and take it all in.

  16. WOWW!!! #4 just made my day. 😀 I knew it would happen eventually!! SO excited for you.

  17. Congrats on your 40th month i would hate to be far from my hubby.Congrats on your book also.

  18. The pictures of you and the other writers are so adorable. I love meeting new friends through the world of blogging!

  19. Congrats on the book writing! You can do it!

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