Why passion will get you anywhere

This is my truth. This is what I believe in.

My definition of passion is having this goal that you can’t think of anything else, AND you take action on it.

Those who say they have a passion for something but not pursuing it isn’t passion. They have an idea.

When I was six, I wanted to be nine different things. I wanted to be a teacher, a doctor, a scientist, to be a lawyer, and more others I can’t remember. All I remember is counting all the things I wanted to be with my hands.

Then I fell in love with reading. With writing. With anything that is a part of storytelling.

I loved hearing about other people’s lives, how they reacted to a situation and how they’re moving past it.

And I loved being able to write about my stories too, of things I went through.

Storytelling became my passion, one that drove me into finishing my first book at 17, self-publishing it at 18 and eventually working for a US publishing company.

And now I’ve been to four countries, have an amazing tribe of ninjas, and I’m just 21.

I know life has so much more for me, and it’s because I was ready to give up everything to follow my passion.

This is why I want to encourage everyone to follow their passion. You don’t need to quit your job or to stop going to school for your passion. You can start with little things. If you love to paint, pick up a brush once a week. If you love to dance, don’t be ashamed to start dancing in the middle of the mall when your song comes on. Keep igniting your passion because when the time is right, an amazing opportunity could fall on your lap.

You hear stories from people all the time.

Of writers simply writing their stories online and getting published. Of painters who posted a few Instagram photos of their artwork and ending up selling them online. Of singers and dancers becoming famous out of posting their talent online. You never really know how or where your passion will take you, but it will be an amazing ride.

And even if you don’t get to pursue your passion, find people who share it. Find your tribe who has the same vision, same love or same hope for the future. You can work for them, work with them, or even just get to know them. Doing so keeps your passion alive, keeps it more than being just an idea.

In the end, we only have this life to live. Why spend it doing something you don’t like doing?

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