Passion Beneath My Wings


I am but a small voice

A minuscule one compared to the screams of the world

I whisper as they shout

I write, instead of opening my mouth

But I know that I have a superpower

I have something people rarely have,

or when they do, it’s something they rarely ignite

Some have been told to keep it down,

keep it hidden,

shush and just follow what has been done before

But I will not rest

I will not cease

I have a small voice but my power,

the power in me is strong

It drives me to go further

It drives me to go a little bit further

It drives me to pick up whoever I can on the way,

and it drives me to help them go a little bit further

Although, for now, I sit here in the spotlight

Although, for now, everyone is looking

Although, for now, it doesn’t seem like I’m doing anything

My power appears when you’re not looking

It appears at three am when you’re all sleeping

As I type away at my computer

It appears as you blink, when no can see what I’m doing

As I make another deal with an author

It appears when everyone is busy doing what they think they should be doing,

while I fly above you,

my power keeping me up.

But one day, I’ll emerge with my power

One day, you’ll look back and say

“Did you see that!?”

But by that time,

I’ll look like an overnight success.

And it will be because of my power

The power of passion

The drive, the willingness to go the distance.

It’s here, but you can’t see it yet.

But one day,

you will.

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