Orange Karenderia: Food Travels

Growing up in the province, I’m used to having a full meal: rice, soup, either pork or chicken, and vegetables.

But other than a sidewalk karenderia, I would have to fork over a lot of money to fulfill this eating habit when I moved to Cebu.

Fortunately, there’s Orange Karenderia in Lahug.

With their menu rich in Cebuano food that’s cooked right at their open kitchen, you will start salivating the moment you walk in.

Open from 11am to 11pm from Sundays to Saturdays, it’s the perfect place to have brunch, snacks or a late dinner.┬áIt is located near IT Park, near a cluster of boarding houses and restaurants, in the same building as Pizza Republic.

A definite must try is their Betsy’s Garlic Chicken, a dish that I have ordered every time I walked through those wooden doors. It’s a marinated fried chicken poppers that has an amazing sauce to match it. It is also one of Orange Karenderia’s specialties, along with their Crispy Tuna Buntot.

Like the usual Filipino carenderia, your food is hot, and you can choose from a wide variety. You can also ask for soup without meat and get it for free to match your steamed rice.


If you’re ever in Cebu or you live and Cebu and you’re looking for amazing Filipino food without the feeling of leaving with an empty wallet, then Orange Karenderia is definitely a place to try! And if you’ve tried Orange Karenderia, what are YOUR favorite dishes? Let me know in the comments!

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