One of those nights


It was just one of those nights.

Those nights when you’re tossing and turning and you’re not quite sure what you’re thinking about. Your eyes are droopy, your body relaxed, but you just can’t seem to go to sleep. But of course, for me, I was thinking about him.

A million thoughts ran through my brain, all connected to the guy who never gave me a second or a reason to think of someone else.

All I really wanted to do was sleep and avoid the eye bags that were threatening to add another kilo to my weight. But there he was, all smiling and looking like he won the lottery.

But that smile wasn’t for me though. It was for her.

There are days when you just want to whack your heart so it’ll stop beating for someone you’ll never have, but heck, has that ever stopped it before?

But that kiss… Was that supposed to happen? My chest began to swell up in pain and I just wanted to pierce a knife into it. It’s all your fault for falling in love!

I closed my eyes shut once again, trying to block out everything that had happened just a few hours before. But that seemed to make the memory more vivid, the way his eyes looked at me like he never saw me before, and his lips, oh his lips, they were everything I imagined they would be. But the obvious taste of alcohol was strong, and it lingered on my lips when I pushed him away.

I stretched my blanket to cover my whole body, the heat just rushing into my cheeks when I remembered how he just smiled like we never kissed and how he casually slung his arm around me. But then he said her name.

“Are you okay?”

Someone nudged my knee, which was awkwardly pointing out my cotton of protection.

I just turned away from whoever it was, trying to find a comfortable sleeping position. But as I have discovered almost an hour ago, whatever position I do with my body I was not falling asleep tonight.


The top part of my cover was being peeled off, and brown eyes were looking at me.

“Can’t sleep?” He asked.

I only shook my head and stood up with such energy I shouldn’t have at 3am in the morning.

“He kissed me.” I whispered, feeling like the whole world was on my shoulder once again.

There wasn’t another word said, just a bit of shifting to let the new one spoon me from behind.

“Should I kill him?” He joked. His breath tickled my neck, and I resisted the urge to laugh.

“No. He was drunk. Probably thought I was her.”

“But you’re so much prettier!”

“Or so you say.”

He snuggled me closer, and I just reveled at feeling his warmth. Why can’t you fall for a guy like him you stupid heart?

I felt my eyes slowly get droopy, and my body just relaxed.

“Sweet dreams.” He whispered.

My heart began to beat slower and my fingers found their way to intertwine with his. He may not be him, but for now he’s enough.


Fiction. 😀

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11 Replies to “One of those nights”

  1. I am so happy you’re back. I Have missed your awesome stories. I LOVED this one.

  2. I often get so bogged down that I have restless nights like this one. You captured the anxiety involved with them.

  3. Such a great story. And I love the illustrations.

  4. That was a lovely and sweet story. I especially likes the end.

  5. thelesleyshow says:

    Very intriguing story. I do hope that you continue this story. I like the end but it leaves me wondering you know? What will happen next?

  6. Sometimes enough for now turns into “the one”. I married him 😉 Lovely story!

  7. I dread those nights so much, I hate it when it’s just so impossible to sleep!

  8. Hey first time reading one of your stories. I look forward to the next one. Good story line I can relate to.

  9. Wow what an awesome story. I hope you continue writing more you are an amazing writer.

  10. It is glad to have you back. Your stories were missed and this one is amazing

  11. You are an amazing writer. This was a great thing for me to read right now.

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