On being a godmother

In the Philippines, it is well known that religion is important to us. And every religion has baptism, and earlier today I got to be one of the godmothers for a family friend. It was honestly my first time to become a godmother, but since I saw the little angel, I couldn’t say no!

World, meet Maria Divina Lacambra
Minutes before the mass started, I began taking pictures of her, the parents and the other godparents. 

With her parents and godparents

 During the mass, I couldn’t help but steal glances at the little girl. She’s only four months old yet she’s ready to empower  the world with her cuteness! When the ceremony started, the little girl was asleep! Here she was, about to be welcomed into the Christian world and she was sleeping. How cute.

She was then baptized by water, and she merely stirred in her sleep as the water was poured on her head.

 When the ceremony was done, she was became a Christian! (insert loud applause here) We then proceeded to their house, where they prepared a little feast in celebration of the new addition to the religion.

This picture took me a long time to take because she’s so moody! Good thing I captured this smile.

I think that being a godmother means that you have to be a good influence, and I take full responsibility on that. I just hope I fit the role! I’m still seventeen afterall. By the time she’s ten, i’d be twenty seven!  We’d be like sisters 😀
She’s a bit grumpy here, getting tired of being passed from one person to the other!
Being the photographer for the day, I was rarely in the pictures! So I stealthily took a selfie. (Insert evil laugh here)
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14 Replies to “On being a godmother”

  1. Oh how cute the baby is, I can&#39;t stop looking at the photos :)<br />Congrats on being the godmother to this cutiepie!

  2. You most definitely fit the role! What great pictures! Congrats to baby and godmother! She is so adorable and especially in those sleeping pics. You look beautiful as well! Gosh all that food, looks so yummy!

  3. The two of you look so beautiful together. I know you will take your new role seriously. She is blessed to have your influence in her life.

  4. Oh girl, congratulations! This little princess is so cute!

  5. Oh she is so cute! What an honor to be asked to be her godmother!!

  6. She is adorable! I can tell she is ready to take on the world with her cuteness. Congrats on being a godmother.

  7. aww it looks like a wonderful christening congratulations on becoming a godmother. x

  8. I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll do a great job! I know it&#39;s also a great responsibility being a godparent. I didn&#39;t do any with my daughter because I didn&#39;t see anyone with the qualities I needed to be a godparent to her. She&#39;s beautiful and I can surely see why you couldn&#39;t say no. 🙂

  9. Awww She is a cutie! I&#39;m sure you will do a great job! You look very happy with your little granddaughter.

  10. What a lovely event! Congratulations on being a Godmother that is really a nice honor to have. That little baby sure is precious.

  11. Being a godparent is a great responsibility. In essence, you are supporting the parents in teaching that child right from wrong and being a role model for them throughout their lives.

  12. I never did and still don&#39;t understand the term god mother and what it implies but congrats! She is adorable~

  13. Congratulations! What a cutie pie Godbaby. I&#39;m sure she is in great hands and you will teach her plenty.

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