My first embarrassing moment

So just this afternoon, I went for a jog with my bestfriend. We were stretching and stuff, when I suddenly slipped and fell. Thanks to my super awesome reflexes (and the fact that I was used to falling), my hands and knees took the harsh fall instead of my face. and lo and behold, a gash showed on my right knee. People passed by us, because just my luck we decided to jog in the City’s Sports Development Center. It was downright embarrassing, and fate had to rub it in my face with a reminder of it. I got up, dusted myself off, and jogged as if my wound wasn’t so painful. I’m so used to these moments that I know what to do. (Which shows how clumsy I am)

Weirdly enough, this embrassing moment reminded me of my first embarissing moment. Imagine a kid, about four years old. Now imagine here in the Philippines we have jeepneys that have specific routes. Now my mom made me pay the driver. So there was little me, passing the fare. People were saying how cute I was. When handing over the fare to the driver you have to say where you are hopping off. Our house was in a barangay named “Nula-tula”. Now for a four year old, that word is a handful. So when I walked over to hand the fare I said, “Nulalata”. The passengers erupted into laughter, which made me cry. My perfectionist side was showing, and I hated myself for that mistake. And today, I have mastered the damn twister word. (Fourteen years later)

So why am I sharing this with you? I don’t really know. Maybe I just want to open up a long forgotten ghost within you about your embarrassing past. So what’s your first embarrassing moment? Maybe I’d write about it someday. 🙂

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29 Replies to “My first embarrassing moment”

  1. I have always been a huge klutz, so I know how embarrassed you must have been falling. Lucky it was just your friend there.

  2. I've fell lots of times in front of strangers. I'm a big klutz. There have been so many embarrassing moments that they all now seem blurred into one. I'm sure they people laughing at you at 4 just thought you were cute saying the word wrong. 🙂

  3. I as well have always been a klutz. I always say if there is one spot on the ground my feet are going to find it and go down. My most embarrassing is coming out of a restaurant and falling flat on my butt right at the entrance.

  4. When I was a child and even as a teen I used to be a klutz as well, not quite sure why it was, but thankfully I grew out of it. But I'm still cringing at embarrassing moments that I've gone through in my life.

  5. Sweet story, thank you for sharing this.

  6. Sorry to hear about your knee. I do clumsy things all of the time, well I used to. I've outgrown it now a bit, or maybe I'm just not as active. 😉

  7. I am glad you weren't hurt too bad. I am not sure about my first embarrassing moment.

  8. I feel your pain. I am one of the few people in the world that can fall down while just standing still. Ugh!

  9. I don't really remember my first but I do remember a big fall I took one time running to an emergency injury at my work place. I was able to pick myself up and brush myself off but I almost became the injury instead of providing care for the injured person.

  10. SO many embarassing moments for me.. but before I always tend to slip up and fell down haha! in front of many people at that 🙁

  11. If you talk about it now, you're probably better able to laugh at the situation, right?

  12. I remember falling flat on my back at a high school football game. I was mortified!

  13. is there a &quot;most&quot; or can it be the most &quot;so far this year&quot;<br /><br />i fall and trip in public places. frequently. like over chains, in front of a packed dining hall at college. and with a lot of stuff in hand.

  14. OH dang, I hate embarrassing moments. I tend to &quot;block&quot; them from my memory. I hate remembering mine, so I can&#39;t really say my most embarrassing moment, because I do my best to forget them. lol.

  15. I remember so many bad slip ups as a kid – I was accident prone so I was always falling over and out of trees but once I tried to phone my Gran I was only very young and she was speed dial 9 so I&#39;m trying to get the speed dial to work and I must have tried 3 times thus dialling 999 so I got put through to the emergency services – the lady on the other end was livid and was shouting and

  16. I am lucky if I can walk across the room without tripping over my own two feet!

  17. Hope your knee feels better now… I&#39;m not much better, always say I have two left and I always have embarrassing moments, I&#39;m german and english is my second language so if I say something that doesn&#39;t work .. People always look at me like &quot;What in the world lady&quot; excuse.. Opps I&#39;m german… what else is new…lol…happens more often then

  18. oh boy, I have so many embarrassing moments that I could hardly choose just one! But that said, it&#39;s always good to just get it off your chest! Then it can even seem funny!

  19. I am so sorry you hurt yourself. I am a big klutz and I am always banging into things. I can&#39;t really say I have had many embarrassing moments. I guess I have tried hard to forget them!

  20. I remember the embarrassing moment that I had years ago when I skated across the wet floor in the grocery store in my new sandals. Needless to say, I never wore them out in the rain again.

  21. Thanks for sharing, I have had my moments too. The one I am reminded of, often, is where I walked into a tree and apologized to the tree.

  22. Clumsy as I am, everything is practically an embarrassing moment! ;)<br /><br />The most embarrassing moment was when I was in middle school. I was talking to one of my best friends, not paying any attention to where I was going. My jeans happen to get caught onto a door hinge and ripped them all of the way down, exposing my undies to a line of students that were getting ready for class. I was so

  23. I don&#39;t remember my first embarrassing moment but I&#39;ve had plenty . Still do now lol . they happen daily

  24. Seems the older I get the more clumsy, not attractive on an older person, believe me. I have several severe moments but I&#39;d rather not relive them.

  25. I am a complete klutz. I trip over nothing at all.

  26. I am sure we all had embarrassing moments from time to time. Thankfully it was just your friend there and not a ton of people around.

  27. My sister was always running into things when she was kid. She outgrew it and I picked up the habit as an adult.

  28. Ouch! I have had many embarrassing moments while running. I am such a klutz! I&#39;m glad you weren&#39;t seriously injured.

  29. I had many embarrassing moments, but trust me, after a while you forget about them. I even say time heals everything even embarrassing moments. After many years my embarrassing moments look funny to me.<br /><br />Fan R @TeddyOutReady

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