My chocolate

I was thinking about him again.
I knew I really shouldn’t, especially since he loved to tease me that I can’t fall asleep without thinking of him all night.
But something about him, I don’t know what, drives me crazier than chocolate. And that’s saying something. I love chocolate; dark, white, melted or frozen, but he’s..more.
Like when he holds my hand, sweaty and all, I sometimes forget which was mine and which was his. Like Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks in Sleepless in Seattle. I don’t know why I held the hands of other guys before when he made me feel like this.
And when he met my parents, oh gosh, I thought I was going to die. My dad kept asking where his parents worked, and I knew that he was poor. But I smiled when he stood up in the middle of dinner when dad asked again.
“With all due respect sir, I know my family is poor. But we work hard for what we have, and that’s how we like things. Grime and all. My father is a construction worker, my mother a maid. But I’d never exchange them for anyone.”
He sat back down, trying to keep his cool. But I was the only one who saw his shaking hands. By the end of the night, my dad patted his back and told him that he’d love to see him more often.
I groan as I turned around and face my pillow, trying to hide my squeal. When he was leaving that night I walked him out like a proper lady, and leaned it to kiss his cheek. But at the same time he was leaning to kiss my other cheek, and we ended up kissing. Kissing.
I knew my mom was peeking, especially when I heard her squeal, but I was already a goner. He smiled in surprise, and kissed my forehead after. He left sparks that made my tummy feel so queasy that I couldn’t sleep that night, and the next morning he complained about not getting enough sleep cause I was thinking of him.
But deep inside I knew, he was thinking about me too.
I bit my lip to hold back a laugh when I saw my phone lighting up, his shocked face on the wallpaper. He complained all day about the flash on my camera being in the way of his eyesight, but he let me kiss his eyes in the end anyway.
“Hello?” I whispered. I knew I would be in so much trouble if my parents knew I was still up this late, but I couldn’t help it, he was addictive.
“You’re thinking about me again.” He says, his voice having that hint of smile that made me feel all giddy inside.
“You’re hard not to think of.”
I began to have these sensations all of the sudden, the same ones whenever he was near. It left me feeling like I had the best chocolate in the world.
“Go to sleep already.” He tried to say with a serious tone, but came out with a chuckle.
“But how?”
“I’d give you chocolate tomorrow. A whole bag of them.”
“Okay goodnight!”
I turned off my phone and closed my eyes tight, trying to fall asleep. Maybe I still loved chocolate more than him after all.
Fiction, written by me and nobody else but me. <3
(Plagiarise this and you’ll be digging your own grave. [dun.dun.duuuuuun]
This post only made me crave for chocolates, which I couldn’t UNFORTUNATELY have because I have asthma. Huff.
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27 Replies to “My chocolate”

  1. You can&#39;t eat chocolate if you have asthma? I have never heard that one before. I will go have some for you then 🙂

  2. hahaha this is funny. Maybe you do love the chocolate more than him but I think most women do love their chocolate a little bit more. 🙂

  3. I have an allergy to chocolate and this made me want some bad but it also made me want the boy! Well written! I love it!

  4. I like this as always great writing and thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh I loved this story. Gave me butterflies in my stomach. I love the sweet love of a budding relationship.

  6. This is very cute! I am such a chocolate fanatic!

  7. I definitely need some chocolate after reading this! I love that he stood up to the father.

  8. I love the beginning feelings you get at the start of a relationship. When they are all you can possibly think about. Ahhhh~ young love 🙂

  9. What an intriguing start. I wonder where this is going.

  10. Chocolate is pretty irresistible, I agree. I hope your asthma lets up soon so you can have some again and not just have to write stories about it. 🙂

  11. What a beautiful story! Love the part where he defends his parents and the work they do!

  12. Mmm…chocolate is the best! Loving chocolate more than a man, close. 🙂

  13. You have a beautiful talent at spinning a love story with strong but likeable characters. And bonus for chocolate.

  14. Aww! I am sorry that you weren&#39;t able to have chocolate because of your asthma. It made me crave chocolate. too. 🙂

  15. Your an awesome writer! I love this.. Sharing with a couple of my friends.

  16. That&#39;s right! Lol. But chocolate can turn on you too so watch out 🙂

  17. Great story. I have been in relationships where the only thing I could think about was the other person. Love the title of your blog!

  18. Lol, this was cute. The last line was awesome and made me smile.

  19. That was very entertaining to read. Nice work.

  20. This is making me crave chocolate as well! Luckily I don&#39;t have asthma!! I will eat a piece for you though. 🙂 Love the short story!

  21. Lol. Who doesn&#39;t like a good chocolate snack?

  22. Coming from &quot;him&quot; that should make the girl sleep, haha!<br /><br />I love this story. 🙂 So cute. It always just captures my attention (how you write your fictions – so keep it up!)

  23. I totally agree with you that chocolate is like a little bit of heaven in every bite.

  24. When in doubt, always choose chocolate over any boyfriend. In the end, you will be much happier and satisfied. 😉

  25. That&#39;s a neat twist at the end. And we all remember having that feeling over someone, with the guy. 😉

  26. Mmmm chocolate – it really can make you feel good – I didn&#39;t know you couldn&#39;t eat chocolate if you has asthma! x

  27. Very cute story! I love reading your shorts! Thank you for sharing!

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