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Of New BeginningsOf New Beginnings

At one point or another, love is all about wonderful beginnings. 

In “Walkie-Talkie”, Matt has been in love with his friend for a long time. But with Anne entertaining other suitors, can Matt’s love be returned?
It’s a different story for Leila in “Confessions of a University Scholar” after finding out that she has a stalker! She finds posts on a Facebook page mentioning intricate details about her. And when the stranger dares her to find out who he is, she’s left with only 2 choices that could change everything.
“Candlelit Storm” is just the perfect reason for best friends Beth and Bryan to get closer and for her to realize just what she feels for this guy. But will it ever be recip-rocated when Bryan has other girls in mind?
Who knows that the time “11:11” could bring two souls together? The number means so much to Lota that she’d make a wish when it’s 11:11. And when she meets Jeric, the guy who witnesses how she embarrassed herself, he’s also going to make a surprising wish.
Lily sees a post on Facebook from Mike, asking anyone to PM him a number and he’d say something about the person. Lily thinks twice about sending him a number, and just when she did, Mike decides then to continue answering the next day! But what will he say to her after she posted “143”?
Fall in love with these cute couples as they each face new beginnings in this wonderful collection of short stories.


Of Things Left Unsaid

Death is the only thing that can separate two physical bodies in love, but it cannot stop one or the other from showing how much they love the ones they’ve left.
The Apartment 104 has been witness to a year without her husband by her side. Physically, at least. But death has no power over a husband’s desire to fulfill his unfinished business.
One wife is unable to move on because of Old Conversations, text messages that her husband had sent her on important milestones in their relationship. Does she have the power to delete these messages and move on?
In Eternally Yours, Emily shows us how love can overcome everything, and that her love for her brother saved his life.
What Once Was tells the story of Maria, an old woman living in the old house by herself. As her thoughts drift back to the night her husband died peacefully, he appears in her room, and suddenly she’s not alone anymore.
This wife feels like she is in a Roller Coaster when she finds her one true love with another woman.
In this collection of love stories, these short stories are bound to grip you into the afterlife and show you that love is powerful enough to conquer death itself.

Of Letting Go

Letting go can be difficult, but if you are with the person you love, then you can go through anything, like these five couples.
From Nauseated but Jealous, learn to let go of people who are not meant for you, no matter how painful, and learn to be happy for them. And then open your heart to someone who might just make you fall in love.
Mad teaches you to let go of undesirable things that prevent your hearts from loving and seeing that person who means the world to you.
In That Little Stick, you will learn to let go of worries and whatever weighs your heart down and hope for a miracle.
The Voice in My Head will show you how to let go of things you have no control over and believe in that person who sees you for who you really are.
And in Exhaustingly Worth It, Heather and Daniel will show you how to let go of what hurts you and focus on things that really matter.
In this collection of love stories, you can learn from the characters how to let go and move on from life’s blunders.

Of Just The Two of Us

Of Just The Two of Us

It takes one plus another one to make a relationship work, for love takes two.
She’s angry. Very very angry, in fact, that she wants to throw her phone far across the room. But how can she be angry at him, when the call’s receiving end is “His morning voice”?
In “My cup of Joe”, Kyla doesn’t expect Joe to get jealous. It’s just a cup of coffee, for goodness sake, but Joe makes her choose between them. Which one will she choose then: the tempting cup of coffee, or her Joe?
Christian Sanders wants to find out for himself how Tess Mcgonery’s lips taste like. He tries to stop her from biting her nails but it seems like Tess is ignoring him. He just knows that Tess Mcgonery’s lips will get him “Nailed”.
In “The Senses of Music” will disability come between these two lovers? Or will they connect with each other one way or the other?
It’s New Year’s Eve, and Mia and her perfectionist boss get stuck inside the mall. No one is around to open the doors. Mia has no choice but to deal with her boss, his controlling attitude and everything else. How evil will the cold “Mr. Boss” be when the New Year is just a few hours away?
As these people encounter the love of their lives, journey with them in this collection of short stories and experience to fall in love all over again.

Of Sweet AddictionsOf Sweet Addictions

In another collection of short stories by Le-an Lai Lacaba, she defines love as being drunk, drunk of sweet addictions…
Due to the record breaking storm that hits their city, both of them have to be apart. Although 500 miles away from each other, they still find ways to communicate. But how will they fight the longing for each other’s company, and make their love last forever “Indelibly”?
Ana is not quite sure of what she feels toward Dale. He is a suitor from the “Other Side of the Bridge” who is always late, annoying and downright persistent. One thing’s for sure, though: every time she looks at him, her heart skips a beat.
It’s the 50th pebble. Since he learned about the penguin tradition, he did his best to give her a pebble, every month, and she keeps them all somewhere in their room. Their hair starts turning into gray and wrinkles start appearing in their face but in “My Little Penguin”, their love never grows old.
“Burn” makes him burn, until he realizes he can’t live without her. His mom taught him to never play with fire, but he can’t resist Burn. She is such an addictive fire.
In “The End”, Samantha can’t stop herself from falling in love with the guy who drives her crazy – Kent Clark, the bad boy. She should have known. Guys with tattoos are up to no good.
In this collection of love stories, get drunk with these sweet addictions and surely, you won’t be able to stop yourself from flipping through the pages.