My beloved, my Tacloban


How I miss waking up in the morning and seeing the light of the sun fill up our room. When I look out the window, I would see the sun peaking on the east, resting on tip of the island near the city. How I miss trying to catch a jeepney, usually full of passengers, cursing the way time seemed to go faster when I was late for school. I miss squeezing in with the other passengers, with mothers carrying their children, teens with their eyes stuck to their dog-eared notes, kids sticking their head out the window though they’ve been scolded over and over again, and all their convetsations easily understood. 
I miss looking at the neighborhoods that the jeep would pass by, how I memorized when to make the sign of the cross with every church, how I knew every turn and how the passengers would bump into each other when the driver would hit the breaks harshly. 
I miss riding the motorcycle to school, how I memorized every street, was in awe with every new establishment, and felt giddy whenevrer I saw a cute guy walking on the street. I miss the conversations some drivers would open, mostly about what has been happening in the city. I miss seeing the stores open, the clanging of their steel doors resounding through the street. I miss running towards my room, with friends teasing me for being late again as I rushed. 
I miss going to downtown to have lunch, the streets filled with students and employees in familiar tailored uniforms. I miss waiting in line at the restaurant, as the women in front of me gossiped about their coworkers. I miss going “store hopping”, as I easily go in and out department stores and thrift shops, making a mental wishlist of what to save for next. I miss going to Sto. Niño Church for a mass, or even just to light a candle worth one peso. I miss struggling to get into a motorcycle back to school, as most drivers were having their lunch too.
 I miss going home in the afternoon, the city slowly lulling itself to sleep as the fight for jeepneys start again. I miss standing at the jeepney stop, saying “hi” to former classmates and friends that I would see. I miss falling asleep in the jeep, resting on my arm as the driver waited for passengers to fill his vehicle. I miss seeing the city lights as we passed them by, and feeling excited whenever I got a peak at the big construction cranes that was labeled with a big time mall’s logo. I miss seeing the sea near the market, the way it twinkled with the night light.
I miss the noise of the market as employees still in uniform try to strike deals with the vendors for a cheaper price with their products.  I miss those preachers, armed with either a megaphone or a microphone,  who would read verses from the bible to those who wanted to listen as they stood on a make shift platform on the old waiting shed. I miss the foul stench of rotten vegetables as the local trash collectors rounded it all up onto one container.
I miss passing by the neighborhoods once again, with parents going inside their houses from a hard day’s work. I miss the traffic that big trucks would start, as they turn towards their respective parking lots  I miss the barking of our dog whenever he would see me open our gate. I miss the way I would scream “I’m hoooome!” and get a kiss from my youngest sister as I entered our house. 
I miss going to sleep around twelve in the morning, my eyes drooping from either studying or writing another story. 
I miss my dear Tacloban, the city I’ve lived in for most of my life. And as it struggles to stand, amidst corrupt and opportunist politicians and its citizens fleeing to other places, I know that it will rise again. It will rise again not because people want to, but because it needs to. 
Tacloban is not just a place. It is not just a city. It is almost human, caring for its citizens for years. Tacloban helped raised people with values, with a positive outlook in life, and people with ambitions that are strong enough to move mountains. And now that Tacloban is hurting, it is about time its children began to pay back. 
Taclobanons, we shall rise again. Let’s not just return Tacloban as it once was, but let us make it even better. Tacloban, you will rise again!
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18 Replies to “My beloved, my Tacloban”

  1. Wow, such devastation. The city will rebuild and be stronger in the end.

  2. There are a lot of things to miss but as you said it will rise again and it will be better than before. Its amazing how the sign was able to withstand everything. 🙂

  3. I agree, Tacloban will rise again!

  4. I know you'll Tacloban back and I hope it's soon. I truly hate to think about how awful it is to be living through that right now.

  5. It must be very difficult for you to see what Mother nature did to your home. Yes, Tacloban will rise again with the help of the people who live there-for it is only those people who truly love it and want it to be revived to its former glory. Others will help as well from outside–but it is the citizens who will ultimately make it happen.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved city of Tacloban. I hope things will be even better than before… At least you have some good memories.

  7. What a wonderful way to remember a place. Great memories thanks for sharing

  8. I am so sorry to hear the typhoon took away a city that you love. Wishing you many good thoughts and hope for speedy restoration.

  9. WOW! There was so much emotion and detail behind this post I felt like I was actually there feeling these things with you!!

  10. Wow, this is so sad breaks my heart! My sister in law is from over there and I know its taken a toll on her! Your in my prayers

  11. I hope your town bounces back to be even better! Such horrible experiences but you'll make it through!

  12. I understand how you feel. Our area had a devastating tornado a couple of years ago and it was so depressing looking at the wreckage. We are still working our way back to normal but every step brings us that much closer.

  13. I wish I could tell you it would be back to normal soon, but after things like this I do not think it is ever the same. It will eventually be a new normal but even that will take a while.

  14. This is a beautiful, touching love letter to a place that obviously holds a special place in your heart.

  15. How devestating> Thank you for showing us the real photo… i hope your city rises above and recovers.

  16. I love how heartfelt this is. I know how it feels to look at an area where you grew up and find that things have changed so drastically. You're right — your Tacloban will rise again!

  17. I am so sorryand y heart goes out to you, your family and everyone that was affected. Stay as positive as you possibily can!

  18. WOW.. prayers to your and the town of Tacloban; soo glad you are okay but hope everyone is on the way of recovery soon, too… Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see pictures of the "NEW" Tacloban soon, which I'm sure you will keep all of us posted on

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