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My Best Friend's Brother

My Best Friend’s Brother
By: MJ Thompson

✔Funny ✔Girl next door ✔Light-hearted ✔Inspiring ✔Page Turner

“That’s right. I was in love with my bully.”

Having a best friend who has a cruel older brother is a recipe for disaster. It was double the trouble for Hope whose best friend had twins for older brothers who both loved creating a stir when they were kids.
Fast forward to a few years, Hope found herself in a summer where the twins came home from college. She can no longer simply hide in her house since the twins were determined to ask forgiveness from the girl they have been cruel to.
Will Hope ever reconcile with her bullies? Or will she be stuck harboring feelings for one of them? With over 12 Million reads on Wattpad, this young adult contemporary romance will take you in for a roller coaster ride.


One Night with the Prince

One Night with the Prince
By: T.M. Mendes

✔Royalty ✔Funny ✔Sexy ✔Romantic ✔Strong Heroine

The beautiful land of Bantaniomos had everything – the great smell of the ocean, the pathways were made of cobblestone, and the streets were gray bricks. The buildings looked like they were centuries old, but they had been kept up. And the best thing? They had a hunk as a Prince.
But for Anna from Montana, going there was the perfect escape from her usual life, and she didn’t care much for the Prince – until she was suddenly kidnapped and was woken up in a palace.
She suddenly found herself in a competition for the Prince’s heart – Anna sure doesn’t know how, but she knew that she had to stay away from the Prince as much as she could. With her mischievous ways and un-royal manners, she was sure that the Prince wouldn’t pick her.
But what if the Prince was as determined to be with her as she was determined to stay away from him?

The Best Thing for Me

The Best Thing for Me
By: Lauren Jackson

✔Romantic ✔Lighthearted ✔Relaxing ✔Funny ✔Awe-inspiring

Emma Ross is a hard-working, quiet girl who tries to stay off the radar. Even the people who have been her classmates since grade school doesn’t know her. She knows it is best to live away from prying eyes and people who would find her…peculiar.
But then suddenly someone from the “it” crowd notices her. Someone who sees how she cowers at the sight of someone from the “it” crowd, how she only has one friend in the world. The girl who prefers to stay at home than party. The girl who is the definition of a “nobody.”
This “it” boy suddenly jumps into her life, bringing along all the drama and conflict that is bound to happen sooner or later. Soon enough, he starts redefining what she thought was the best thing for her. But will all of it be worth it in the end? Or will she crumble at the very sight of unfamiliar things?
With over 22 million reads on Wattpad and a Watty award in the bag, this book is bound to bring all the high school drama, a bit of hard luck and a whole lot of laughs.

Married to the Bad Boy
By: Letty Scott

✔ Mind Blown ✔Action Packed ✔Heartthrob ✔Page Turner ✔Bad Boy

“I didn’t marry him out of love, nor because I liked him. I didn’t marry him for his family money or wealth, or for popularity. Truth be told, I could care less about this guy and who he was. I Married the Bad Boy for protection.”

Kami’s life was hell. Until the bad boy came along to save her.
She never had an easy life. Most of her teenage years, all she had were bruises and bad memories. Her mother had married another man whose happiness came from hurting her.
But when Brandon appeared in her life, some things were about to change. He had seen the bruises, and how it pained her. So he did something about it. He married her to protect her.
But did Kami make the right decision marrying him? All the men in her life either left her, like her father did, or hurt her, as was the case with her step-father. There was no guarantee that Brandon wouldn’t leave her, or hurt her.
What would happen to her life now that she was married to the bad boy? Will he be able to keep her from harm?

Unique, Different, Found

Unique, Different, Found
By: Violet Samuels

✔Werewolf ✔Monster Romance ✔Mind Blown ✔Suspense ✔Action Packed

“We’re free. I’m free. Never again will we have to face the Moonlight pack.”

Beaten, punched, slapped, kicked, tortured. That was Celina’s life with the pack who was supposed to take care of her. She was nothing but their slave.
And then one day, she decided that it had to stop. She would run away. And she did. And when she shifted, little did Celina know that she was the last pure white wolf in the world. Or that she was special. She just knew she was different.
She ran for days, until she got to the territory of the Nightfall Pack. She was taken to see their alpha, and for reasons she couldn’t understand, sparks just appeared when their fingers touched.
Axel was everything the alpha of her old pack was not. He was strong, powerful, demanding. And apparently, he was the only pitch black wolf left in the world. And he was going to take what’s his: his mate, who happened to be the rogue Celina.
Running away seemed to be the best decision she ever made, but will a destiny that was foretold long before she was born rip her apart about things in her past? Or will she show everyone she’s not the weak girl her old pack made her to be?

My Beloved

My Beloved
By: T.M. Mendes

✔Spell binding ✔Sexy ✔Romantic ✔Monster Romance ✔Vampire

“She gave me life again. She is the reason why I came to life and why I am breathing. Her blood calls out to me like a siren that I cannot ignore. Who is she, you ask? Why, she is My Beloved.”

It was in English class that Wendy heard of a tale about the vampire, Vincent Gilmore, who was buried alive by the townspeople along with their silver. The only thing interesting about it was the silver, which Wendy sure could put to good use for her brother’s surgery.
Wendy was shocked to find that the tale was indeed true, for there, after digging his grave, she came face to face with his rotting corpse, and the mound of silver that she took home.
Unknowingly, Wendy set a series of events that would forever change her life. Her blood brought Vincent back to life, but it wasn’t her blood alone. They were destined to be together.
Because she was his Beloved.

The Bad Girl and The Good Boy

The Bad Girl and The Good Boy
By: Karla Luna

✔Funny ✔Sexy ✔Romantic ✔Bad ass Heroine ✔Lighthearted

“I’m Evelyn. Evelyn Jo. How about you, handsome?”

A girl in her underwear introduced herself to the clean-cut four-eyed Zavier Coin, grabbing his hand and making him blush – and life, as he knew it, would never be the same.
Dark hair, black ensembles, badass tattoos, and sporting the perpetual smirk – Evelyn Jo is the ultimate bad girl. She does what she wants, whenever and wherever, and relishes defying authority. A real badass chick.
Zavier Coin, on the other hand, is the perfect good boy. He’s nice, loves his mom, gets really good grades, a teacher’s pet, and a member of the Mathletes club.
They are polar opposites and would probably have never met but for a wrecked car, a school fire, a vindictive authority figure, and a funny twist of fate which landed Evelyn in the Coin home.
But do opposites really attract? And will friendship and love really beat all odds when faced with psycho bad boys, clueless buzzkill adults, and other seemingly insurmountable odds?
Will the bad girl and the good boy get along, become good friends, and perhaps… become something more?

Psycho Sitter

Psycho Sitter
By: Alexandria Ayers

✔Mind Blown ✔Action Packed ✔Scary ✔Spine Tingling ✔Intense

Cassandra was a 17 year old girl who had dreams of becoming a therapist for troubled children one day. Little did she know that she’d soon need a little therapy herself…
The jobs of Cassandra’s parents often took them on extended trips. One night, her father gets a call for him and his wife to travel to Australia, thousands of miles away from their children. The both know they couldn’t leave their seventeen year old girl and eight year old boy home alone for a week, so they call a sitter.
But when someone named Hunter comes into her house, Cassandra immediately knows not to trust him. Will she and her brother get out in time to figure out this stranger? Or has he already set his eyes on the young and pure Cassandra, just waiting for the right moment?
This mystery/thriller will surely leave you at the edge of your seat!

Forgotten Saved Loved 5

Forgotten, Saved, Loved

By: Violet Samuels

✔Werewolf ✔Monster Romance ✔Suspense ✔Inspiring ✔Edge of seat

Day by day my resolve is weakening.

These wounds won’t kill me, but hopelessness will.
In this wretched darkness, I need someone to shed some light.

It has been three years, three excruciating years that it’s even a miracle I’m still alive.
Who will share my pain?
Who will heal my wounds?
But the real question is… who will liberate me?
Do I deserve to die in this rotten cell?

I am Comrade, the guardian.
Save me.

*This is the second book in the Nightfall Series


How to Kill an Incubus

By: Kimber Lee

“And I can see how much you want me.”

Rae couldn’t exactly deny what Andrei, the king of the incubi, said so matter-of-factly. But she is her father’s daughter and having a forbidden liaison with a demon king is not something her father would have approved of.

With just one glance from Andrei’s piercing cerulean eyes, however, she found herself being plunged into delightful unknown territories, and only half-caring whether she should sink or swim.

Should she fight her unholy—but oh-so-delicious—attraction to the dark lord or just give in to the indescribable enticing pleasures he brings her? Rae certainly has grave decisions to think about.

Sinister Tales 1Demented

By: Anna Gallegos

“Sometimes it’s best to stay out where you’re not welcome.”
Demented will chill you to the bone, for these are not your usual bedtime stories.
From a son who wants to teach his mother a lesson, a deadly myth on Kingly Road, people who have a certain bizarre diet, and more terrifying things than you have ever imagined—these stories will give you goosebumps, shivers, and more.
There are also stories about a vengeful unborn baby, a psychotic babysitter, and a creepy bus that leads you to hell. These tales will torment your head with eerie echoes and haunting screams, and compel you to turn and check what’s lurking behind… every few minutes.
With twisted scenarios that will make you second-guess who you can and cannot trust, these are stories that may tell you what could actually be hiding under your bed… or perhaps make you realize that they’re not under the bed… and that maybe you’re the monster.