Mr. Dream Guy

I’ve always dreamed of someone

Who’ll make his love show

That when I’m sad and full of dismay,

He’ll always know what to say

That everytime I throw a fit and when i’m mad

he’ll calm me down and hold my hand

That when i’m tired and unwell,

He’ll always be there for me,in a ring of a bell

He’ll say sweet things that will tickle my heart

And will promise me that we will never part

He’ll call me in the middle of the night,

Wishing he can hold me tight

He’ll make me laugh to a point of tears,

Washing away all my fears

He’ll take me to walks by the moon,

Making cute faces like a funny cartoon

He’ll gladly hold my hand in front of his friends,

Telling them it was “us” till the end

He’ll run after me through the rain,

Holding me on through the pain

He’ll dance with me though there’s no music

And he’ll steal a kiss real quick

He’ll sing sweet melodies into my ears,

With a song that only both our hearts can hear…
This was my first ever published poem on our school paper, age 13. I’m just a hopeless romantic through and through. 😀

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27 Replies to “Mr. Dream Guy”

  1. Beautiful poem and that picture fits it perfectly! Great job!

  2. You certainly are a romantic but then most young girls are–I still am I think and I am far from young anymore. I hope those 13 year old dreams come true for you.

  3. This is beautiful! Makes me thinking of my husband! ♥

  4. You are for sure a hopeless romantic. I hope when you do find your dream guy, he treats you very well indeed.

  5. Beautiful poem. You sure do have a gift of words and pen!

  6. I love this poem! Its is very beautiful!

  7. i'm a hopeless romantic too! Such a great poem for a fellow romantic.

  8. What a lovely poem thank you for sharing and that sounds like someone perfect 🙂

  9. I think that is what most 13 year old girls wish for 🙂 Beautifully written!

  10. How very sweet that you were a romantic even at a young age. 🙂

  11. Aww! What a sweet first poem. The photo you paired with it is adorable! A perfect match for the poem.

  12. That is great for 13, I think we all wanted that guy!

  13. Writing stuff like this was a lot more fun when I was younger too.. Although my parents thought I was nuts. Oh well. Good job!

  14. Wow, you're so talented and gifted! I don't think I can make a poem like that at your age. 🙂

  15. I absolutely adore your blog posts – elegantly written. Ive said it before but more please! xx

  16. This is a great poem for a thirteen year old. Especially one so romantic

  17. He sounds like a romantic and wonderful dream man! 🙂

  18. I enjoy reading your posts very much. Here's to you finding your dream guy.

  19. What a lovely poem and how amazing that you created it when you were only 13.

  20. Beautiful poem. I used to write like this. I loved romance too

  21. Hopeless romantics rock, fyi! I love when guys actually do those things 🙂

  22. aww – what a sweet, sweet "dream" guy.

  23. Great poem, those things are all very important and so much more once you are with someone for a long time. My dream guys now does dishes, changes dirty diapers and laundry and those are so important to me now 🙂

  24. This poem is lovely and the fact you wrote it when you were 13 says a lot about your talent..

  25. Age 13? Love it, you clearly started working your gift early!

  26. An adorable picture and a beautiful poem 🙂

  27. You wrote that when you were 13?! That was beautiful. Hopeless romantics are the best kinds of people.

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