Moving on and other distracting things

The past month has been anything BUT smooth. With the storm unfolding more than it should, I’ve been going through a lot of emotional rollercoaster. If you read my posts these past weeks, I’ve been on a serious note. A bit of down if I may say so. And in reverse to the famous discovery that explained gravity: what goes down must come up. So let’s have a bit of good news shall we?

  1.    I made my blog’s Facebook page! 
    • It may seem small, but I really have always wanted to make my own page. So when I reached my 100th post, I thought, what the heck?  It is still in the works, as I am the only one managing it. Like it here and get updates of my blog, and a few random musings from me. Imperfect is Beautiful Facebook Page
  2. am pages away from finishing my book! 
    • With fingers crossed, I hope to finish it by the end of next week. Around December 20 perhaps? Just a few more sleepless nights and a bit of trimming here and there and it’s all done!
  3.  No more nightmares! 
    • Ever since Haiyan struck, I’ve been having these nightmares of either drowning or failing to save my family from the storm. So far, I’ve had none of these this week. It’s an achievement!
  4. Just getting through everyday.
    • With the world as it is, I think it’s important to learn to appreciate the little things. I’ve always appreciated them since I’m little too (Just 5 feet, hands like a ten year old girl, size 5 shoes) And with random thoughts like mine (imagining how my fictional character would react if her French fry fell to the ground)(probably going to eat it still), I think it’s useless to just mope around and be depressed. It’s a beautiful day everyday, whether it’s raining or snowing(for you guys in the west), something great is bound to happen. I feel like I’m so old with all the things I’m learning and talking about, that I forget I just turned eighteen!
 November was a month that I’d rather forget, yet remember every detail vividly. It had shown me more than I could ever comprehend my whole life. We are now moving on from this tragedy and hoping for a better tomorrow.

I remember a sort of motto that I used to say when I was in high school. Everyone teased me about it, but I still think it’s awesome. SMILE ALWAYS!
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19 Replies to “Moving on and other distracting things”

  1. Congrats on your blog's new Facebook page. That is a step in the right direction and I wish you lots of luck with it in the future.

  2. Heavens, you are only 18–you have your entire life in front of you!! I am glad to hear that your book will be finished soon-I want to read it. I did go in and like your new facebook page.

  3. Glad to hear the nightmares are settling down. I bet for many others, they aren&#39;t, though :(<br /><br />Congrats on the book, too. That is a huge accomplishment!

  4. Yay! Hopefully, you get to finish your book. 🙂 You still have so much to accomplish in just a young age! Wow! 🙂

  5. I am glad that your book is almost finished and glad you are not having nightmares now too.

  6. Wow you are busy! I will start following your Facebook page! Take a break will you, your making us old folks seem slow suddenly.ha Just kidding 😉

  7. I just left for a moment to like your new page. Now that that is done I wanted to cheer you on as you write those final pages. I do want to read it once done please

  8. Congrats on accomplishing so much at such a young age. Can&#39;t wait to hear your book has been published!

  9. You are still so young though I am sure you have matured years over the last few weeks. I would love to know when your book is printed or is an e-book, I would love to read it. I liked your page so I can keep up with your posts!

  10. That is so exciting that your book is almost finished! And what a relief that you haven&#39;t had the nightmares this week! I bet you welcome some much needed sleep.

  11. I am glad that your book is almost finished, what an accomplishment! I hope that your nightmares go away soon &lt;3

  12. I&#39;m glad your book is almost done. Mine is set to publish sometime this month too!

  13. I&#39;m so sorry you&#39;ve been having those nightmares, and I hope they&#39;re gone for good. Love the turtle!

  14. Things will surely get better. Congrats on the facebook page, I just stopped by with a new like. Congratulations as well on almost finishing your book. I can&#39;t wait to read it.

  15. I&#39;m so glad that your nightmares are beginning to let up for you. You&#39;ve been through a lot! Congrats on getting that Facebook page set up. 🙂

  16. I liked your Facebook page! Congratulations on the book. I am glad that your nightmares have gone away. That is an achievement.

  17. You have accomplished a lot, can&#39;t wait to read your book when it is finally finished

  18. I love your motto and stand by it in my own life. I smile so much the wrinkles around my mouth… well, they are laugh lines to me… I&#39;m not getting old, dangit! Congrats on the fb page and finishing up your book! I can&#39;t wait to read it!

  19. Congrats on the accomplishments – that FB page is so fun, isn&#39;t it?? Keep moving forward, you are on a great track!

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