Moments before eighteen

If you’re reading this on the fourth of October, then it’s already too late-it means I’ve turned eighteen and now a legal resident of the Republic of the Philippines. I may or may have not been brainwashed into thinking like adults, or I have escaped that life. If I have not, then I may have turned into a drone, mindlessly following the rules of life. But if I haven’t, then I will carry on as I am, a misfit whose goal is to write at least ten books in my lifetime, and to become someone that people look up to.

As I sit here in front of my computer, typing these very words, I am savouring my last day of being seventeen. I’m thinking over all the pros and cons of being eighteen, and if there are more cons, I will try to find an elixir that will help me remain a seventeen year old forever. Here are the facts:


  1. I can go on fieldtrips without parent’s consent.
  2. I can get my passport, driver’s license and etc. without parent’s consent.
  3. Basically get legal documents without a letter of consent.
  4. I can drive without having someone with a professional license in the car.
  5. In the Philippines, you can only get a job when you’re eighteen.
  6. I can enter contests that require me to be eighteen.
  7. I can finally check that box that says “18+”
  8. I can go on rides that require me to be eighteen.
  9. I get to sit on the adults table.
  10. I get to watch movies that are for 18+
  1. In the Philippines, when you’re under eighteen and you’re caught doing something illegal, you can’t be arrested. Therefore when I’m eighteen, I can get arrested if I do anything illegal.
  2. I will be expected to act “grown up”
  3. It would mean that soon, I’d be graduating college and starting my own life. (No more running to momma)
  4. I can’t play anymore children games because I’d be seen as immature.
  5. I have to do what grown ups do. (I have no definite idea what that is.)
  6. People will call me ma’am. That makes me sound old.
  7. Just being expected to be mature.
As I have read and calculated my findings, it seems that there aren’t enough reasons for me not to become eighteen. So I shall proceed with this task that the future has given me. But I vow to myself, to never lose my child-at-heart persona, even when drones suck my brain to make me a “valuable” asset to society. Wish me luck world. 😀
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25 Replies to “Moments before eighteen”

  1. Happy soon Birthday!! I hope you enjoy being 18 and the freedoms that come with it 🙂 x

  2. I laughed out loud when you said people will start calling you ma'am. I'm in my 30's and I get so offended when people call me ma'am because that's what you call old people – not someone like me 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! Keep up the great writing and you will publish many books! (Oh and don't do anything illegal!) 🙂

  4. I so remember when I turned 18 I was so excited for months it was all I could talk about. I was thinking all the fun I was going to have. I forgot about the responsibility 🙂 Have a wonderful 18th!!

  5. You do seem grownup, if that's a compliment to you?? Have fun with being 18-it's a great time of life!

  6. You will be 18 soon…. Really soon. Whoo Hooo, Happy Birthday! Con't believe #3 in the Cons. You can always run to momma, even if it is on the phone or a text. I am sure she will always be there.

  7. I felt the same way when I turned 18.. I wanted to be able to be on my own, but I also didn't want the responsibility. Everything will be fine though 🙂 lol

  8. Good luck with growing up. it's a hard feat and something that I don't think gets any easier. I dreaded turning 18, but it came anyway. I dreaded turning came anyway. lol. But the best to do is still just focus on the pros and not dwell on the cons.

  9. Adulthood does have its ups and downs. Happy birthday!

  10. Since you were likely not planning on doing anything illegal anyhow, you should be ok with that particular point. Happy Birthday! For the record, I don't call anone who is 18 ma'am!

  11. Don't worry. It is just a number. I am wellllllllll over 18 but still refuse to grow up 🙂

  12. I hope you have a wonderful birthday! 🙂

  13. In my world you're still 17. Happy almost birthday. I remember when I was 18 and oh how I wish I could go back being 17. 🙂

  14. Happy almost birthday! 🙂

  15. Belated happy birthday sis! <3 It feels nice to be of legal age, don't you think? hihi!

  16. It&#39;s so nice to finally be of legal age, don&#39;t you think?<br /><br />Belated happy birthday sis!

  17. i only call people over 75 ma&#39;am so you are safe with me!! <br /><br />happy birthday!!

  18. Happy Birthday and Good Luck to you. Welcome to adulthood. You will be fine.

  19. Happy birthday! Turning 18 is such an important milestone. I hope that this year brings you lots of happiness and good health.

  20. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  21. happy birthday 🙂 may you see the cons as positive soon

  22. Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your youthful years and don&#39;t do anything I would have done haha

  23. I hope you are having a wonderful birthday.

  24. Happy Birthday!<br />Things are a lot different in the US than there.

  25. Wishing you the happiest bday ever! I don&#39;t remember mine anymore, that&#39;s how long its been, hehe

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