Love, love, love <3

There is so much love in the world right now, don’t you feel it?

People who have waited for years to be wed can now have each other’s last names.

In my hometown they’re celebrating our fiesta and my Facebook feed is full of happy greetings.

Even with the news talking about the other side of it, why listen?

Why open the news to hear about bombs or death or of a fire? It is good to be informed, but why depress yourself with something that you have no control over?

Beautiful things are happening, why ruin it?

I have noticed that humans for some reason fight anything that’s good. They refuse to be happy. They get scared when they’re happy. Some would rather become miserable their whole life rather than be happy. Why? Maybe they’re afraid that if they get too happy, life will rain over their parade. So they would rather be in misery forever than be sad every time they’re happy.

A lot of people write Facebook posts, tweets or emails when they’re sad or frustrated. Why not write when you’re happy?

There is so much love in the world. Just a lot of them.

Why not write about that?

Why not leave your readers with the feeling of happiness rather than distraught?

Share the love baby.

I guarantee you: you will be loved back.


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