Little Timmy

“Go to hell you stupid prick!”

I heard mommy yell. She began throwing things at daddy again, and he only turned to me with a sad smile. Her face looked like a dragon, and I could see the smoke coming out of her nose. I laughed, but daddy put his finger to his lips, which was code for ‘be quiet’.

“Go to the secret room Timmy. Mommy and I need to talk.” He whispered, giving me the small wooden sword he made for me earlier. I nodded, and gave daddy a kiss. The sword was really heavy, but Mr. Teddy helped me carry it.

“So that’s what you’re going to do now? Make our son run and hide? Am I a monster in your make believe world?”

I saw daddy wave at me, and I knew that it was code to run. I ran up the stairs like dad told me to, and soon jumped on the string that dad tied to the secret stairs leading to the room. I stumbled going up, with Mr. Teddy wanting to climb up first.

“We have to be careful Mr. Teddy!” I whispered.

Mr. Teddy nodded at me, then we slowly went up. I soon saw Mr. Wizard with his hand stretched to me. He was a very old man who had a green dress. I laughed when I met him, because what kind of guy wears a dress?

“Little Timmy!” He bellowed, “Shall we go to your castle?” He said, his beard puffing as he talked. It was almost to his knees, and it went up and down when he opens his mouth.

I giggled, and I took his hand. Mr. Wizard tied a rope around me, then pulled it to secure it just like dad does. I showed him my sword, and he smiled at me. He waved his old hands on the sword, and just like that it became shiny. Dad’s painting was right in front of us, and Mr. Teddy jumped in first, wearing his armor.

“I’m going to get our son Michael! I won’t let you poison him with your stupid stories! We’re leaving!”

My mom was shouting again, and I knew that she was right below me because Mr. Wizard put his finger to his lips and pointed downstairs. I nodded, and I copied his motion.

“Timothy! Get down here now! We are leaving your father!” The door to the room was banging, and I felt my heart going baboom!

“Quick Little Timmy. Into the castle we go!” Mr. Wizard pulled my hand and we both jumped into the painting, and the green grass of the castle made me happy, just like it always did. I didn’t hear my mom’s voice anymore as we strode into the gold walls of the castle. Everything was shiny and quiet, with the guards wearing a suit. Teddy was the main guard, who saluted at me. We walked to the throne room, where my crown waited in place, next to daddy’s big crown. Mommy never wears her crown, but then she never comes to my castle.

“Do you think daddy will come?” I asked Wizard.

“He always comes Timmy.” He replied, ruffling my hair. “Would you like me to escort you to your room?”

I nodded, feeling a bit sleepy.

“Could you bring me a glass of milk and cookies please?” I asked, putting on my puppy dog face.

My dad says it always works with Wizard, since they’ve known each other longer. He laughed loudly, and smiled at me. He looked like Santa Claus sometimes, but Santa wouldn’t wear a green dress. We went to my room, which was bigger than our house! I had all my toys there, and Teddy was inside too, looking all serious. He was really such a softie.

I felt a tug at the rope from the other side, and that’s when I saw my dad running towards me. He had a big smile on his face, and he wore his crown. He immediately hugged me, kissing me on my forehead.

“Are you ready to go to sleep little guy?” He asked, putting me down on my bed. Teddy shrunk and crawled to my side, and I hugged him tight. Dad soon hummed me to sleep, and I smiled at him.

“Dad, is mommy ever going to come here?”

He looked sad for a moment, and I felt sad too.

“She’s not going to come here for a while little Timmy. Now go to sleep.”

When I woke up the next day, Daddy was by my side, still asleep. I walked around the castle, following the scent of pancakes and honey. That’s when I saw a figure I’ve never seen before in the castle. My mom. I immediately ran to her, hugging her right leg.

“Get off me you- Oh hi honey!” My mom looked like a Queen, with her crown on her head. She was smiling at me, something I haven’t seen on mommy’s face for a long time.

“Mommy, is that for me?” I said, pointing to the pancakes.

She nodded at me, then lifted me up to the stool. I giggled as she touched a tickle spot, and she only gave me a confused look. She then sat down on a chair beside me, watching me eat like a big boy.

“Timmy, do you like it here?” She asked. I nodded vigorously, and she looked sad.

“But I like it better when you’re here mommy!” I smiled, trying to make her smile too. But she only looked more sad, but didn’t say a word. A few minutes later, we were walking towards the door that lead to our house.

“Mom, daddy is still asleep in my bedroom, would you like me to wake him up so we could go home together?”

Mommy began to look like a dragon again, huffing and puffing. She then took me up, then carried me towards the door. I cried so loud that Teddy heard me. He was by my side in an instant. He took me from my mommy’s hands, then he led her out the castle.

“You think you’ve won Michael?” My mom screamed. “You’ll never come back here, and you’d be stuck there with YOUR kid!”

I saw mommy cut the ropes that connected me and daddy to the house, and I remembered Daddy saying that we won’t be able to go back if it was cut. I saw daddy running towards me, and his rope turned to dust.

“Come here buddy.” He took me from Teddy, and I hugged him real tight while I cried. “It’s going to be just you and me okay little Timmy?”

I nodded, as my daddy took me back to my room. I didn’t know what was going to happen next, but as long as I had my daddy with me, I knew things would be alright.

I hope that made sense. 😀 Completely fiction.

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20 Replies to “Little Timmy”

  1. So mommy the mean dragon and daddy the gallant knight. Lovely story but wish I knew what happened to mommy after she cut the rope. 🙁

  2. so many things happening in here- not entirely fiction for many though.

  3. Are you going to continue with this story? It is the beginning of a rather good tale that might help some children-hopefully not too many go through this-but several do.

  4. Good story, I have to agree though that this could hit home a little too hard for some people

  5. This story can definitely ring true for many people in real life, sadly. Well written!

  6. Daddy, Son and Teddy against the world. Sometimes thats the way it works out.

  7. I have to agree with MikiHope I think it would make a lovely longer story I would love to know what happen to Mummy and did Daddy, son and Teddy live happily ever after. x

  8. Great beginning to your story. It is very interesting. Although fiction it may well be someones life.

  9. Very well written i would love to read more of this story if you write more 🙂

  10. Great story! I wish I could hear more! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Whoa, there was a lot in that story! I had to read it twice just to make sure I got it all. Great writing as usual, though.

  12. Aw, that is well written, but true to real life for so many people!

  13. I always felt like my father could protect me from anything when I was growing up. You did a great job of capturing that childhood sentiment in this piece.

  14. There's a lot of sadness in this piece. Very touching!

  15. Very sad and touching. Will mommy get her act together so they can be a happy family? Will Timmy grow up needing therapy? A hiding place, I think most of us had one when we were little even if only in our minds.

  16. That tore at my heart stings. I would love to see what happens next.

  17. Although fiction, I am sure many people can relate to this or pull a few things from it that have happened in their life.

  18. What a great story, as usual! You have such a great imagination! And I love how daddy comes to the rescue – Daddy's are the best. 🙂

  19. I would have loved to know what happened to mommy in this story. I also had to re-read it a few times to make sure I got it all.

  20. Ohhh Noo.. you are leaving us hanging?? I loved the story and got totally hooked and loved reading it…thanks for sharing

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