Less than 5 things to do when in another country

Traveling in another country can seem daunting at first. You might have no idea what their culture is really like aside from the stories and books you’ve read, and often, you’ll have no idea where to go.

When I first traveled abroad, I simply followed all the amazing things featured in one of the free maps at the airport. I didn’t have any plan at all. But after traveling for a while, below are less than 5 things to do when you’re in another country:

1) Try the food

Every country has something different to offer for your stomach. Make sure to go out and try the different delicacies, street foods and restaurants to get more of the feel of their culture. You’ll never know if you get to taste a new favorite dish while you’re at it!

2) Don’t use the taxi to go around

As much as possible, walk. Try to get to know the place aside from the gps on your phone and be one with the crowd. You get to notice more things that you could never have while in a car, and actually be in the country rather than be one of the tourists. You never know if you’ll bump into someone interesting, or meet a local who can show you the good things in the place.


3) Learn at least 4 basic words (hello, thank you, you’re welcome, how much?)

To immerse yourself even more in the country, try learning a few of the basic words. Often the people who are from their enjoy hearing foreigners try to speak their language. Ask the hotel you’re staying at for these basic words and practice them.


4) Find out what makes that place unique

There’s always something more than the postcard you buy at the souvenir store. Try to see if there are hidden gems in the area, or if there’s an upcoming festival you can watch. If not, creating your own postcard will do the trick.

I’ll probably add more to this list as I travel more, but those are the top things I try to do when traveling! What about you, what do you like to do when on a foreign land?

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