Kawasan Falls: Secret Passages and Canyoneering

It’s my 21st birthday and I’m celebrating it with one of the coolest people in the world at the mysterious Kawasan Falls.

We rented a van to venture into this unknown falls near the south of Cebu City, armed with my crew, my age a year older, and my famous mango float.

I’ve only heard of Kawasan falls through friends and amazing Facebook pictures, and the blue waters kept calling my name.

After two and a half hours in the van, we finally arrived to where we were supposed to walk through the woods towards the falls.

There were a few men who were more than happy to help us out with carrying our things, who served as guides on the trek to the falls.

And then we walked.


And walked.

We followed the river upstream, marching along the path.

And finally, I could hear the rushing water! When we found the clearing, it was the falls!


BUT, it didn’t stop there.

Someone from our group has been to the falls before, and told us that there were TWO OTHER FALLS up above!

So even with my tired legs, we trekked up higher and found the second falls, which was bigger than the first one. We settled there, and the fresh water enveloped me as I slowly eased myself in the cold.

It kicked off a series of fun things that made my birthday awesome:img_1838

1. Everyone singing happy birthday


2. Me jumping off the side of a cliff and injuring myself(because I jumped sitting down) 😛

3. More jumps from little falls!


Later on, we climbed our way up towards the third falls, even as the rain started to fall.

img_1863We saw more tourists along the way who paid for canyoneering, but we did our own touring around and even sneaked through a slide that was supposedly for only those who paid for canyoneering. (we’re ninja travelers too!)


Once the rain started to fall harder, we slowly made our walk back, making sure not to slip and fall along the way.

And thus, with the rain and the lateness of the day, we decided to call it a day and pack things up.

When we finally arrived in Cebu, tired but happy, I knew that I could never forget my 21st birthday by the falls 🙂

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