Kalanggaman Island: Peace and quiet storm

When in Kalanggaman Island, all you need to do is: breathe in. Breathe out. Don’t think. Just float. Feel the soft breeze. Feel the heat radiating around you.

Sounds relaxing doesn’t it? This is the paradise that Kalanggaman Island promises. It is a 45-minute boat ride from Palompon Leyte, which is a two-hour ride from Eastern Visayas’ capital, Tacloban City, which is an hour plane ride from Manila. Now let me talk you back on our own journey of twists and turns, on our way to paradise. 🙂

We started off by waking up at 3 in the morning. We then got onto the road as we tried to catch some sleep on the way to Palompon. But what could have been an easy route, turned out to be rocky. We got lost a bit, trailing off to a rocky mountain. Though we weren’t sure where we were going, we went with it. We laughed as we counted how many chickens my dad almost run over. Turns out though, that the road we took was actually a shortcut towards Palompon. How lucky could we get? And what seemed like hours of going round and round, we finally reached the city of Palompon. When we got there, we set off on a pre-pictorial pictorial!

kalanggaman island kalanggaman island

As the boat zoomed off, we were in for a big surprise: there was a looming storm and we were lucky enough that we left before the coast guard announced that no boats were allowed to leave! So we braved the waves as we approached the island, seeing dolphins and flying fish!


kalanggaman island kalanggaman island

Once we arrived at Kalanggaman island, we forgot about out rumbling stomachs and dove into a pictorial of the breathtaking island!

kalanggaman island kalanggaman island kalanggaman island

And then, when we could not deny our stomachs any further, we ate our very yummy brunch 🙂

kalanggaman island

And then, we dove into the clear waters of the ocean. Everything was so visible that it looked like we were in a pool!

We then ventured to the end of the island, where we resumed the pictorial!
After we swam and ate, we finally bid adieu to the island that gave us the relaxation we all needed 🙂

With the promise of coming back, of course! 😉
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