12am and I still can’t sleep.
I imagine lying down beside you, your arms around me. I imagine you kissing my forehead while I close my eyes, your breath ticking my nose. You slowly lull me to sleep, making me smile all the while.
But in the end it’s all just an imagination.

In the end you’d still be ten feet below me, together with your slut of a mistress. Bloodied, and never meant to be found. Just like the knife with my prints on it.
Scaredya didn’t I? (insert evil smile)
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26 Replies to “Imagination”

  1. Oh my – I didn't know you had a dark side 🙂 I like it. Short and sweet, but you definitley got the point across!!

  2. Beautiful words but has a sad ending. All of us has felt this way at least once in our lives.

  3. I love your writing, it is always totally unpredictable!

  4. eery But I love your evil smile at the end of the post!

  5. So powerful – certainly makes you think. This has the makings of a movie!

  6. haha love it! love that picture too

  7. Wow, this definitely had a twist that I didn't expect! Very intriguing read, I have to admit!

  8. Wow, didn't scare me but does sound like something a lot of wives have thought about with a cheating spouse. 🙂

  9. For a second I thought this was going to be a perfect love story. It went from romance to horror.

  10. Hmmm…. that was a totally different ending than what I expected. lol

  11. Glad no real murder took place! Lol to your evil side. 🙂

  12. What a great imagination. A little on the dark side but greatly written.

  13. Oh wow! LOL Yes, startled me a bit LOL

  14. I can't sleep without my husband being in bed. He worked nights for 8 years and I don't know how I managed it for so long.

  15. Woah! I hope future flames are faithful!

  16. Ha!! I love this, it's beautiful and coy!

  17. That is sweet and a great visual as I read your words

  18. I am not 100% sure what to think of that. I am not an artist or a writer so sometimes this stuff is lost on me. 😉 <br />Tiffany

  19. Certainly quite the twist of events! I liked it though, haha 😛

  20. Yikes! You did give me the chills. lol

  21. Lol. True. Scary indeed.

  22. Isn&#39;t it just wonderful how writing can help release your frustration over anything? I once wrote a story in high school that ended rather violently. Had I written it today, I would have been expelled and put in prison for &quot;terrorist threats.&quot; Back then, my teacher just said &quot;well that was violent, but beautifully written!&quot;

  23. Goosebumps! lol Nice one sis! Deeply yearning for a loved one.

  24. Oh my goodness. I wasn&#39;t expecting that last bit. Very creative.

  25. WOW… That went somewhere I didn&#39;t think it was going to.. You had me feeling romantic and then BAM!!

  26. Started out beautifully. Then took a dark turn.

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