How to Cry

Everyone does it more than once in their life. For women, we do it more often than men. Or maybe men hide it better than we do. You know what I’m talking about. That moment when someone breaks your heart, when you get disappointed about something, when you’re left alone to yourself, or things just aren’t going your way? And then when you get into your room and everything just pours out? That’s right. As Buford of Phinneas and Ferb says, “sweating through our eyes.” Or in lay man’s terms, “crying”. So here are simple steps on how to cry:
Set the mood. Put on some sad music. If you’ve just broken up over a guy, play the song that best reminds you of him. If your best friend isn’t noticing you anymore, play that playlist that you made whenever you’d get together. Make sure to tell people around you to not to disturb you and warn them of weeping monsters that may appear in your room when they start hearing noises. Then go to your room, make sure to lock the door. Put up pillows around you. Turn off the lights and get hold of at least 2 boxes of tissue paper. Get a paper bag ready in case you reach to the point when you can’t breathe well. Fill a whole pitcher with water. Refrain from lighting candles as there is a possibility that you may burn the house down.
Visualize. Think about what you could have done if you won that beauty contest. Think about what you could have achieved if you aced that exam. Think about that bully that taunted you for being too skinny. Think about every detail: the cash prize received by the other contestant, the face of your parents when they find out you failed, and the pimples on your enemy’s face. If you have pictures, put them around you. Imagine everything your brain could come up with. Put up the image in your brain and don’t wipe it away.
Put away sharp and poisonous objects. Prevention is better than cure. So you better prevent tempting yourself to end your life just because your wish on a magical star didn’t come true. Most suicides are because of people crying their eyes out and the first thing they see is a knife. Stray from scissors, blades, and sleeping pills and if possible, tie your legs together and handcuff yourself.
Start crying. Don’t hold anything back. Scream, throw pillows, rip apart pictures, you can even murmur things to yourself. Just don’t hurt yourself. Say curse words, sing with the damn song, and just let things roll. Just go crazy. Just think about everything that made you feel like the lowest critter in the universe. Make sure that you let everything out, never leaving something for later. Just let it out. Imagine you’re a actress and your career depends on how you cry. Imagine you’re Kris Aquino or Kathryn Bernardo and you just lost your man to your best friend. You never know if you’re crying might get you an Oscar one day.
Clean up. Organize your desktop. Delete the files that remind you of what you just went through. Throw or give away the clothes that remind you of that person because I guarantee you that even after a few years, you’d still be reminded of the times you wore that clothing. So just clean everything up till you reach the point that nothing material can make you remember things.
Write it down. So history won’t repeat itself, write. Just free write everything you ever think about and don’t stop for a mistake or a grammar correction. Just write it all down. You can burn it, or seal it tight. You’d never know when our deepest darkest experiences may be of use someday. If you’re not that good at writing, it’s okay. No one else will read it other than you.
Move on. So you’ve cried it all out, and nothing is left. That’s a good thing. It’s better to let it out than to bottle it all in. And remember this famous mantra: you have to walk before you run. So take things slow. Don’t rush yourself into feeling better. Change is more gradual than you may expect it to be, so just take each day with hope that you may never go through it again. Do better. Everything is in the past and it happened for a reason.
And always remember, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Something better is out there for you, and it would happen when you least expect it. The best stories in life happen when you get the courage to stand up after you fall. And no matter how many bruises you’ll get along the way, remember the people who were there for you and appreciate them. You’re not getting any younger, so don’t waste your time crying about one thing over and over. Great things are ahead, so stop putting your head down and look straight up with a smile.
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