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So in my previous post, I mentioned that my book is getting published! Yehey!

But now here’s the sticky bit. My book is actually a series of short stories, and I have 10 mini books basically filled with stories. My first book will be published, but I need help in choosing my cover.

Here’s the synopsis of my first book, Less than three: Of New Beginnings

At one point or another, love is all about wonderful beginnings. 

In “Walkie-Talkie”, Matt  has been in love with his friend for a long time. But with Anne entertaining other suitors, can Matt’s love be returned?
It’s a different story for Leila in “Confessions of a University Scholar” after finding out that she has a stalker! She finds posts on a Facebook page mentioning intricate details about her. And when the stranger dares her to find out who he is, she’s left with only 2 choices that could change everything.
CandlelitStorm” is just the perfect reason for best friends Beth and Bryan to get closer and for her to realize just what she feels for this guy. But will it ever be reciprocated when Bryan has other girls in mind?
Who knows that the time “11:11″ could bring two souls together? The number means so much to Lota that she’d make a wish when it’s 11:11. And when she meets Jeric, the guy who witnesses how she embarrassed herself, he’s also going to make a surprising wish.
Lily sees a post on Facebook from Mike, asking anyone to PM him a number and he’d say something about the person. Lily thinks twice about sending him a number, and just when she did, Mike decides then to continue answering the next day! But what will he say to her after she posted “143″?

Fall in love with these cute couples as they each face new beginnings in this wonderful collection of short stories. 

Will you please help me?

The voting for it is on Facebook on my new author page. Please like the picture that appeals to you the most and if you can, you can add comments on how to improve it. And if you feel like it, you can like the page too.

The link for the album is HERE.

Thank you so much for helping! 😀

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27 Replies to “Help Me!”

  1. I love the two covers on the top right. I am having a hard time picking which one of the two that I like better.

  2. How exciting for you. I'll head to your page to choose one now. I'm happy for your success!

  3. I don't really have an opinion on the cover but these story descriptions sound very intriguing! I love to read and short stories are one of my favorite types to read because I get the satisfaction of finishing sooner! 🙂

  4. I know the fun of publishing! I have almost 30 under a pen name and a few under my real name. Choosing a cover is such hard work, but its so much fun too!

  5. On my way to vote!<br />I like what I am reading already. Can&#39;t wait for the book

  6. I voted. Love the first one. The beauty of the girl and the bright sun coming through makes the right choice.

  7. So exciting that your book is being published! I headed over and liked your page and voted for my favorite cover! Congratulations!!!

  8. Beautiful covers off to help if I can.

  9. That is a cool that your book is being published. Congrats and best of luck!

  10. There are several great covers here! I&#39;m partial to the third one, myself.

  11. Congratulations! Can&#39;t wait to read your book.

  12. Congrats on your book being publish. Fantastic accomplishment!

  13. Congrats on becoming a published author. I chose the fifth book cover. At first sight that one appealed to me the most.

  14. First of all, congrats! Second, I love all of them and have no idea how to pick one! Whichever one you decide on will look great!

  15. Sure! How exciting<br />For your book! Very very cool!

  16. Wow your first book I am impressed. Good luck.

  17. Will definitely check it out! Good luck to you! Amber N

  18. All the new covers are very pretty! Congrats to you on getting published 😀

  19. Again, congrats dear! I voted for the 2nd to the last.

  20. I voted for the first one in the second row. While I really liked the other one in the second row, based on all my readings of your work, it doesn&#39;t feel like &quot;you.&quot; My second favorite is the very first one in the first row.

  21. That second one has a beautiful sunlight image. I like that one!

  22. I like the bottom left the best, but after that the third one on the top also is appealing.

  23. This sounds like a great collection of stories! I really like all the covers and can&#39;t decide which is my favorite.

  24. I love the first cover, it&#39;s fun and whimsy. It would make me buy the book. 🙂

  25. I&#39;m not sure if my comment went through. I would go with the first one!

  26. I like the very last cover! I think it encompasses all of the stories.

  27. Congratulations!! I knew you could do it. You&#39;re very talented. Now as the for the cover I love the first one but the one right below it is pretty nice too.

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