Giving hope through OATH

One of the things that a human being shouldn’t lose is hope. For Haiyan survivors like myself, it was something that we were in dire need of. We were fuelled by the thought that help will come, that soon we would be saved.  I was lucky enough to find hope when my family temporarily moved to Cebu. But how about those who were left behind?
To those who have read my Relief under OATH post, you’d know that I’ve had the pleasure of helping the people of Buri, Palo through the generous hearts of foreigners. The people of this town were left roofless after Haiyan and were neglected by the government for some time.
We chose those who needed help the most, for example, Mr. Arturo. He was left with a house filled with trash and his roof was missing, but he did not lose hope. This inspired the people of OATH to do what they could to help.

Last December 29, he was close to tears when he saw the roofing materials donated by OATH. He was finally going to have a home before the New Year. 

(please turn on caption for translation)
He was very grateful, as he kept holding on to my arm, shaking it as if to make sure that it was all true. “I’d finally get to build my home.” He said.
Hope is a given right to people. Without hope, there would be no thought of tomorrow and the things to come. We gave these people hope that 2014 would be better, and their faces were priceless. OATH have given rice to a total of 40 families and have given roof materials to a family of 10. There are still more to come, as we hope for more help from the others.

If you would like to help OATH give hope to the people, every thought counts. Whether you are sending prayers or financial help, it is a form of hope. We have to remember that even when the news have died down and have moved on, this people are still in need of help. We cannot stand on our own, as we are crippled and barely standing.

Send help through OATH’s bank account below:

Account Number : 140083300011
Account Name :

Beneficiary Bank: Philippines National Bank (PNB)
Address of Beneficiary Bank: Gil Puyat, Makati Branch
Country : Philippines
Swift code : PNBMPHMM
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23 Replies to “Giving hope through OATH”

  1. I have never heard of OATH, but I am glad that they are there to help people when they need it the most.

  2. God bless all those generous people who helped in volunteering. Will keep continue praying for the storm victims in Philippines.

  3. Makes me cry watching the video. Glad to have orgs like OATH!

  4. It's great to see help coming to those who really need it! I'm sure there is still so much needed

  5. This is truly for a good cause – may this be shared to everyone else.<br />

  6. What a wonderful organization. The devastation from the typhoon was heartbreaking. I&#39;m glad there are organizations like this helping to rebuild hope and homes.

  7. Thank you for sharing this information! You&#39;re so right – hope is a right that should be afforded to everyone. Everyone impacted will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  8. I&#39;m glad to hear things are looking better there in the Philippines. I will look into OATH and hopefully can even make a donation. It is good to know an organization that really delivers.

  9. This is such a great cause to support! I&#39;m currently giving a bit each month to the local animal shelters around my home, otherwise I would totally give!

  10. I love the word HOPE, it&#39;s probably one of my favorite words. I wear a ring daily with the word hope engraved on it. We should always have hope.

  11. This is amazing! I love seeing human beings helping other human beings- makes my heart happy! We need to be thankful and have hope no matter our circumstances. This is a great cause!

  12. what a wonderful cause and so nice of you to get the word out sending prayers

  13. I am always so happy to see organizations like this that help the victims of these tragedies.

  14. wow this is touching, helping people is an amazing thing

  15. We need to continue helping, there is so much to do still

  16. Your post brought tears to my eyes today. I am praying for all of you down there.

  17. I had not heard of OATH until now. I am going to have to check them out! We are always looking for places to donate to!

  18. I absolute love this! He is so happy &amp; I am happy for him 🙂

  19. Thanks for sharing this information! I didn&#39;t know OATH played such a big role in the relief efforts.

  20. This is such a great post! I have a bunch of clothes I would love to donate. <br /><br /><br />

  21. Your blog is inspirational. I love your fiction and your truths.

  22. This is a wonderful initiative to bring some hope to those who really need it. I applaud you for supporting them by helping to spread their message.

  23. So great of them to give back to those in need.

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