From womb to the tomb

Earlier today, my professor asked us, “What is meaning?”

We were studying our semantics lesson- the meaning of words in a sentence. So when our professor asked us what is meaning, we were dumbfounded. How do you define something that you use to define things? Our professor then expounded the thought, and we came to the topic of defining ourselves by our meaning in life. And this became my inspiration for this post.

So now I will ask you:

What is YOUR meaning?

How do you define yourself?  

When we were born, we were defined as our parents’ daughter/son. Growing up, we were defined by the playmates we had and how we were raised. When we go to school we’re defined as a student, whether we were diligent or not. When we had our first girl/boyfriend we were defined by who they were, and what we did with them. When we go to work, we are defined by our job, and where we work. We become “hubby” or “wifey”, then mom or dad. We get old, and little versions of us call us “grandpa” or “grandma”. And then, inevitably, we die. What definition does the world give us next? Gone.

Throughout our lives, we are defined by what we do, who we’re with and what we’ve accomplished. We search for the meaning of life, of who we are. We cover ourselves with material things, thinking that with it comes the true definition of who we are. We comply to the status quo, and when we die, we simply turn into dust. What good have we done then?

We don’t realize that we can make our own definition. We can live life to the way we want it, and not through what other people want. We can sway from the social expectations, and we can surprise ourselves with what we can do. So that even when we’re six feet below the ground, we still have a definition. Either we’re the ones who never took a single risk, or we’re someone who made everyone cry at our funeral because we were an inspiration to them.

So what will it be? An inspiration? Or someone forgotten? Because life won’t give us our definition. We do.

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40 Replies to “From womb to the tomb”

  1. Great thoughts to ponder when one is in a relaxing meditative state.

  2. some interesting questions. i'm not sure if i'm in a state to want to think of that now!

  3. So beautiful! I was impressed by the title too. You write very well! Keep it up girl 🙂

  4. but someday, you will. one way or another.

  5. Sometimes we take so much time looking on what our life is suppose to be instead of just living it. The important thing about life is spending more time living it than worrying about it.

  6. Very interesting thoughts and ideas. This is a subject that needs time to ponder and contemplate. Thanks for giving me something to think about.

  7. Those are some deep questions to ponder. I agree that imperfect is beautiful and we need to determine how we want to be remembered.

  8. This is a really inspiring cartoon! It encouraged me to stop thinking about the things I want to do in life and start accomplishing them. I want to be an inspiration, but I have to start working more towards that goal. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  9. I loved it . Simply clear what's real and what's not 🙂 The title is super catchy!

  10. I am a firm believer in creating your own "best" life. I hope when I die people will be inspired by what I have done with my life and all the obstacles I have conquered.

  11. Beautifully written and makes us think! We certainly are the only ones who can create meaning to our lives.

  12. This was a really well written post. I actually had to go back and re-read it all again. I've never thought about those things until you presented it to me. What exactly is MY meaning? Right now I'm defined as mommy, wife, medic, soldier, really a lot of things, but what does it all mean? I hope I can be one that people will cry at my funeral though instead of saying "good riddance&

  13. Oh wow, really inspirational and at the same time makes you think so clearly about where you are currently in your life and where you want to be.

  14. Such a great post. Really good things to think about and we should think about too. Love it and thanks for sharing with us too.

  15. lovely, just lovely…. 😀

  16. This is one to discuss with a group I get together with. I'm sure they will have interesting ideas. I must think on this!

  17. it's great that you already know 🙂

  18. i agree. we easily get sidetracked into things that are unimportant to see that we're letting time slip away.

  19. you're welcome 🙂

  20. you're welcome 🙂

  21. thanks and you're welcome 🙂

  22. thanks for making me the inspiration 🙂

  23. This is very true. Everyone interprets things differently so it is very important to provide clarification for others.

  24. What an inspiring post. Makes me think though because I'm not exactly clear on my meaning…other than wanting to be a good wife, mother, etc.

  25. This is a really good question. I just hope that I've brought a little bit of sunshine to everyone's life I touched, and I helped raise my daughter to my best ability. 🙂

  26. I love that graphic you shared, too. That's exactly the way that it should be, it makes me smile thinking about those who I've lost

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