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I stumbled upon the Crisscrossing event on Facebook when a friend of mine showed interest in it. I was attracted to their different events and their bazaar, especially since a lot of the sellers were Cebuanos I stalked on Instagram for their amazing products. It was a three-day event over the weekend, from January 12-14, at Crossroads, Kasambagan.

So when the day came, of course, I swung by Crossroads to fangirl and to buy more things to my ever-growing collection of postcards and stickers made by Cebuanos.

According to their events page on Facebook, “This January 2018, we’re throwing creative talks and workshops, art installations, a Cebu music congress, an artist showcase gig, a creators’ market, and much much more, for three whole days to celebrate and bring together the creative communities of Cebu!”

And they did not disappoint.

Even though I wasn’t able to attend any of their workshops/talks, all of them geared toward boosting an artist’s passion. Whether it was for spoken poetry or short films, the Crisscrossing event covered outlets for artists who have always wanted to get out of their shell.

I stopped by The Paper Canary for witty stickers, a booth from Kring Demetrio with amazing zodiac prints and the booth of the Queva by League of Cebu Artists for my fill of sticker packs.

If I had more money I would have bought more, but since being more financially responsible is part of my 2018 goals, I took note of the things I really wanted to buy and decided to come back later if I really wanted them.

Artists were doing live paintings, henna tattoos and face paintings, and even had galleries were they showcased their artwork.

They also had a food market where smaller food businesses were able to showcase their amazing food and this bento stall had great food and cute plants!

If you’re an artist or you simply love the arts, make sure to stop by Crisscrossings this weekend! I might stop by there again soon <3

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