Damsel in Distress

She’s Sherlock Holmeswith a twista spunky attitudeand a curled up fistshe doesn’t give upeven in a fightcause she’ll only givethe bully a fright she usually stands upfor herselfand doesn’t really needany helpshe can sometimes be yourgirl next dooror as crazy as a big wildboar you can depend on herduring crisiscause she’s the typeof gal you […]


FrozenNever had a chance.FrozenAlways making people glance. Their smell is nose scrunchingThe sight stomach hurlingTheir skin surely as cold as iceFrozen,Their color as black as the mice Frozen,Never with a proper goodbyeFrozen,No one in exception,Whether if you were a girl or a guy. Hundreds of them still missing,Our government barely doing anything.Frozen lined up on […]

THORoughly in love

With his dirty blonde hair and muscular arms, He turns my stomach into a butterfly farm. With that red cape and manly face, He’s my only saving grace. With every swing of his hammer, He makes my heart beat a little faster. And though he has a handsome brother, That doesn’t mean he isn’t any hotter. I swoon for the son of Odin, And I faint for his every grin. Oh Thor, handsome Thor. You make my heart stop once more. I yearn for the man from Asgard,who really deserves an award.He makes women forget about their lovers,As men gawk at his awesome powers. Leave Jane Foster behind cause it isn’t meant to be. Look no further to the nine universes, […]