Burauen: Cansiboy Pond Resort

Cansiboy Pond Resort

Growing up in Leyte, I learned that there’s always something new I have yet to explore on the island. And Burauen’s Cansiboy Pond Resort was definitely one that added to the amazing things to do in Leyte.

In Cansiboy Pond Resort are three pools that are connected by their water source: the local running river. The water is constantly flowing from one pool to the next, and if you’re looking for a cool solution to a hot day, then this is the place for you.

From Tacloban City, getting to Burauen might take a couple of directions if you’re not familiar with the place. It’s not on the main national road, but the signs along the trip will help you out. It takes about an hour and a half to get to the town.

Cansiboy Pond Resort

Once in Burauen, you can ask the locals for directions to Cansiboy Pond Resort. Since it’s a known destination, people will be more than happy to point out the place to go. It’ll take another 30 minutes to get to the resort, and once you’re there, you can choose to either use the bottom part of the resort or climb up higher.

The entrance fee is 20 pesos for adults and 15 pesos for children. You can bring your own food there, and is recommended since there aren’t any restaurants nearby.

For our trip we went up to the highest pool. It was simply mesmerizing to watch the water flow from one pool to the other, and the sound of the water rushing by made the whole two hours of driving worth it.

The place was simply perfect for pictures, especially if you got there earlier than other people.

Cansiboy Pond Resort Cansiboy Pond Resort

Overall, going to Cansiboy Pond Resort was awesome, and is definitely something you’d want to do if you were in Leyte.

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