Bound to them

Say “opo”*  and bow your head.
Don’t say a word.
Just listen to them instead.
Inside you’re screaming and thrashing,
Hoping to be set free.
But you have to stay mum,
Your tears they must not see.
You don’t say a word
Because they won’t listen.
You don’t ask,
Because you already know the answer.
“Listen to us because we know better.
You’re naïve and weak,
Fragile like a feather.”
Words stinging like a thousand arrows,
You’re bleeding inside,
But they pretend not to see.
Seal your lips,
Don’t let out a squeak.
Cause no matter what you do,
It’ll just be wrong.
You want to reach out,
Explore, try it all.
But you’re a caged vessel,
Made to bend to their every whim.
Now say “opo” and bow your head,
Stay lifeless while you’re lying on your bed.
Bleeding wrists,
And foaming lips.
You’re now free,

No longer bound.
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