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Books & Brews Cafe caught my eye a few months back, while still on my Kuala Lumpur trip. I saw pictures of friends on Facebook in a new cafe in Cebu. What got me curious was the display of books behind them, as well as the huge print of the cafe’s name behind them.
Books and coffee? Seemed like a dream. And when I got the opportunity to go there during Mel Ryle’s Hide A Book Day, I definitely took in what has become my favorite spot in Cebu.
Nested right behind Mango Square Mall Cebu, you’re in for a quite a surprise to find this quiet white-painted café in the middle of the party central of Cebu City.
Here’s the cafe’s quick “About Us”:

Books & Brews Cafe is a haven for book lovers in the heart of Metro Cebu. We pair yummy eats with an extensive library and a homey ambiance perfect for bibliophiles of all ages.

Our library features over 1,500 books, all free to read on site for our customers. We happily serve as a venue for workshops, seminars, literary get-together and more, with the hope of promoting reading, learning, and community among its patrons.

Plus, try our sandwiches and sweets—especially our chewy homemade cookies, muffins, mini pies, and other items from indie Cebuano home bakers!

“We want to offer a safe, ‘clean, well-lighted place’ for our customers to read, study, meet, and hang out,” says Books & Brews managing director Liana Smith Bautista. “But we also want to encourage like-minded people to come together, indulge in a little comfort food and caffeine, and most importantly, share their knowledge and enthusiasm for their hobbies and interests, whether they are into books, business, arts and crafts, or whatever else they might be passionate about.”

Books & Brews Café is open on Mondays through Thursdays from 10AM to 9PM and Fridays and Saturdays from 10AM to 12MN. For inquiries, function room reservations, and more, call us at (032) 384 1175.

Like us on Facebook at and visit to learn more about us.

The café hosts a variety of books you can borrow while you’re there, from the classics to comic books to business books. I definitely kept going to their shelves and hoarded books even though I knew I couldn’t read them all.
And their menu wasn’t shadowed by the amazing books: from cookies to pastas to their mouth-watering banana loaf, Books & Brews Cafe is a perfect place to hide from the world and still be full of amazing pastries. Their coffee and tea selection is great too, along with the prices!
The internet is also fast and consistent enough for those who need to work online, as well as those who need to research for school.
I was lucky enough to get to know their owner, the amazing Liana Bautista, whom I got to talk to through email for an interview and get to know during the FilReaderCon event.
Currently, I have written this blog post in my favorite spot by the window, where I can look out and pretend to be thinking of something deep. I have fallen in love with Books & Brews Cafe, and definitely, recommend it to book lovers out there who just needs a place to be themselves!
Books and Brews is open from Monday to Friday from 10AM to 9PM and 10AM to 12MN on Saturdays <3
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