Blocked writer

I haven’t posted in a while,
and I feel bad for it.
I wish I could turn back time,
but I can’t.
And so I’ll make up for it,
by posting every week.
Just until I could get used 
to writing everyday.
I will beat this sickness,
that they call writer’s block.
For the meantime
you can check my Facebook.
Of my posts in poetry,
how a simple activity can be weaved into a poem.
Til next week,
Til another charge of randomness.
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12 Replies to “Blocked writer”

  1. Don't over exert yourself, you can just go at your own pace. I know what its like to want to write every day but the topics just aren't there sometimes or distractions happen. Great poetry by the way, you said it so beautifully!

  2. I know that feeling haven't written anything creative in awhile. I'm totally blocked when it comes to writing.

  3. I love Calvin and Hobbes, very appropriate cartoon for a post like this. I hope you can get your writing groove back.

  4. I did miss your short stories and would love to know how you're coming along with your books? Keep us in the loop and I'm hoping for a real long novel too.

  5. I hope you beat that writer's block! I miss your writing 🙂

  6. We all get to this point I think. I really love this photo for sure! Amber N

  7. I love that graphic. Made me giggle. I love Calvin and Hobbes. <br /><br />As for your poetry, you are quite talented…this was well written. I hope your &#39;writer&#39;s block&#39; escapes you sooner rather than later.

  8. It&#39;s alright, this happens. Make sure you&#39;re over that sickness.

  9. It will change don&#39;t put pressure on yourself it only makes it worse. But it is strange how it can easily be turned into a poem:)

  10. Don&#39;t worry, writer&#39;s block is something that we all go through from time to time. When you are ready to write again, we will be here to read it.

  11. Yeah, it has been a while since we heard from you. Glad you are back. I was kind of missing your writings.

  12. I&#39;ve definitely been there, darn writers block! I never force it, the urge to write just naturally comes back to me on its own .

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