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If you need to do something physical and be able to shoot your friends with either an arrow or a laser, then you should definitely check out The Barracks at J Center Mall at A.S. Fortuna, Cebu City. Located on the top floor of the mall, they offer a place where you can do Archery Tag, Laser Tag and go through a Laser Maze.

They have the full equipment you can use to start taking down your friends and even has a function room you can use to host parties and leave your bags in. Their price isn’t that bad too!

Being Cebu’s first archery tag place, they make sure you are wearing the right safety equipment and that you know the rules so no one gets hurt. Archery Tag is a game where you need at least four people on opposite teams. Each person will have a bow and an arrow (which has a foam as a head). Your aim is to either hit a person on the opposite team or to take down their “defenses”. You will earn a point for every time you hit someone or weaken your enemy’s defenses.

With Laser Tag, you can choose to play against teams or to make it a free for all where everyone is the enemy. You will aim for your enemy’s vest to be able to take them out of the game for a few seconds and scoring on every person you hit.

The Laser Maze is where you can feel like a spy in training. With four different modes, you need to go through their laser maze without hitting any of the lasers. The goal is to get to the other side and back in the shortest time possible. Every time you hit a laser, more time is added to your timer.

They also have Hoverball, where you can simply do target practice with your bow and arrow with a few balls hovering on air.

A new attraction they added is the glow in the dark archery practice where you can shoot in a room that has blue light.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline filled activity, definitely check out The Barracks!

Check out their Facebook Page.

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