Apo Island: Sea Turtles, Climbing rocks and Shooting Stars


Apo Island: The sun. The beach. The turtles. And the best part? The people you’re with 🙂

On the last day of November, I journeyed through the seas from the island of Cebu to the small island called Apo.

A friend of mine visited there a few months ago and has been urging us to go, and it seemed like the perfect excuse to run away to a new island.

App Island is a small island nested right next to the tip of the province of Negros, and is famous for the abundance of sea turtles and the volcanic rock formations.

I travelled with my co-ninjas, who were adventurous souls as well who couldn’t wait to get out of the rustle and bustle of the city.

We left the Queen City of the South Cebu at 6am by catching a bus to take us all the way to Dumaguete, Negros. The bus took about 3 hours to reach a pier, where the bus boarded a ferry that would take us to the island of Negros.


To be honest, we got lost for a moment. Turns out, we boarded a bus different from the one my friend took, and we were all concerned about not getting there at all 😛

Fortunately we had two friends who actually came from Negros who told us to calm down.

img_2114A boat ride and thirty minutes later, we arrived in Dumaguete City. We didn’t have time to explore since it was already almost noon, so we hopped into a jeepney and got off at the little town of Malatapay.


From there, we hopped on a smaller boat that would take us to Apo Island. The waves greeted us by drenching us with water long before we even got to the island, but it was all worth it when we started seeing sea turtles swimming below the boat.img_2134

Once we were finally stepping on Apo Island itself, we took no time at all in changing into our swimsuits and started our pursuit in finding the famous turtles.


Unfortunately, we failed.

Due to the waves and little luck, we couldn’t find the supposedly slow swimming turtles. (Although our trip to Moalboal proved that wrong)

But who says we couldn’t turn it around?

So we decided to venture out and climb the volcanic rocks we’ve been eyeing since we got there.

It was definitely fun trying to figure out how to climb the rocks, and we had more fun taking loads of pictures 🙂


When night time came, the island generator was turned on. It was only on from 6pm-10pm, and all at once, the island started to come alive.

The house beside ours starting blaring their Karaoke, and the people were more active with kids running around the small roads and small restaurants starting to open up for dinner.

The ninjas and I opted to eat bbq by the sea. After holding down our placemats so it won’t fly away with the sea breeze, we enjoyed each other’s company and simply the sound of the waves.

The next day, we woke up early to try and catch the sunrise. But since we were still a little tired from yesterday’s trip and fanning ourselves after lights out, we started an hour late than planned.

We decided to climb to the island’s lighthouse, which had an amazing view of the ocean and the other side of the island.



After huffing and puffing and a cramped leg later after going back down, we decided to try again on our adventures in finding sea turtles.

For a few minutes we scoured the seas, until one of us was frantically waving and pointing to something in the water.

At last! A turtle!


We watched it for a few minutes, and then another one came along! We enjoyed spotting eight turtles all in all, and one of them was even near the shore, which made it easier for us to swim around it.


With one last attempt to go climb the volcanic rocks and take more pictures, our boat docked on the island and it was time to go.


Once arriving back on Dumaguete though, we missed the bus! We had to wait till it was 10pm to get on a ride back to Cebu.

But as we are ninjas, we made the best of it by going to Siliman University to hunt for streetfood. There was a specific stall that had what they called a “Level Five” spicy sauce, and my spicy loving companions couldn’t resist the pull.


Since I was a spicy wimp though, I only got as high as level four before calling it quits.

Finally, after touring a little bit through the city, we caught our bus home. With the promise of going back to Apo Island again, we said our goodbyes to our mini vacation in the island with turtles.

img_2401-2 img_2495

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