All My Favorite Words : Happenstance


The first time we met.
If I weren’t so hyper that day, I wouldn’t have gone into your room. If you weren’t in class that day, you wouldn’t have seen me. If I wasn’t so friendly and nosy I wouldn’t be friends with your friends. And if you weren’t so bold, you might not have come up to me to introduce yourself.
But then the series of great and powerful things happened. I was hyper. You were in your room. I was friends with your friends. You were bold and confident. We shook hands.
It would take years before we were ever together, but we’d always go back to that day. We would speculate on how different it would have been if we met a day later, or a week later, and so on. If you had someone with you, or I had someone with me. We would have gone past each other in school and never know one another. A series of things falling into place.
Later on you would tell me that you were as nervous as hell and you couldn’t sleep that night and you refused to wash your hand. You’d say that was the day you developed a little crush for me. Later on I would tell you that I really don’t remember much of that day because I just thought you were another friend.
But then you’d take out your hand and reach it out to me, and then I’d smile and shake it.
“Hi.” You’d say.
“Nice to meet you.”And you’ll prove to me that you weren’t just another friend after all.

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37 Replies to “All My Favorite Words : Happenstance”

  1. Little things really do stick out in our memories from the first time we meet someone special. What a very realistic write-up, well done!

  2. If that is the first chapter, the book is going to be awesome. I love it so far.

  3. That was quite an impactful meeting. I love how it stuck with you two.

  4. This was actually how my boyfriend and I met six years ago. 🙂

  5. It is amazing how an encounter can affect two people so differently. It is also kind of sad when one remembers it so well and then the other does not remember it at all

  6. So many things can be chalked up to fate or happenstance or coincidence in life. Sometimes I think it is astonishing that I might not have been able to be a parent even if not for some of this magical stuff at work.

  7. This is such an innocent and sweet piece! I love it 🙂

  8. Amazing how little things can set a much later thing in motion. Great to have such memories as well. x

  9. This is a great write-up, very captivating as you read it and relate to it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. amazing I can just visualize the whole thing<br />I always say life is made out of the little things

  11. Well written. The story flows really nicely and makes me want to read more.

  12. Cute story… happenstance indeed. It is so interesting how people meet, or don&#39;t, when they live near each other.

  13. This is so funny because my husband and I actually met the same way back in 1986. We became friends of friends for a long time then finally went out with each other. We married in 1991 and have been happily married ever since. I wonder what would have happened if those instances had been different all the time.

  14. So beautifully written, amazing!

  15. It really is the little moments in life that can change the path of our future.

  16. That is a fun word actually. Great story, thanks for sharing!

  17. Love it! Happenstance is a great word, which I&#39;ll have to start using more often!

  18. I love how this depicts the exact moment you both met. It is very romantic and I have always been a hopeless romantic at heart.

  19. I still remember how I met my best friend of 19 years. She was new to the school so sitting at her locker doing homework and eating chips (ringolos, yes I still remember the kind). I walked up and said &quot;Oh Chips&quot; grabbed a chip then sat down and introduced myself to her.

  20. This is wonderful! Will need to read more!

  21. This was such a cute read. I want to read the rest of it. Gonna check it out.

  22. Love it and the word. All of those little things put together to make a beautiful memory and relationship!

  23. Isn&#39;t that funny how you can remember every little detail from when you meet someone special? Sounds like a beautiful way to have met your love 🙂

  24. Sounds like a good read. I&#39;ll be sure to check it out later.

  25. Great idea to write short stories based on favorite words. I love that.

  26. Exactly how my girlfriend and I met. Except it was online, so not exactly, exactly.

  27. Nice. 🙂 Makes it all the more special to see it&#39;s a story about you and your boyfriend!

  28. This is fantastic. My daughter loves to hear the story of how my husband and I met, and she&#39;s heard it a million times…

  29. I love a good love story that starts out that way! Definitely a happenstance. 🙂

  30. That is a great word. I haven&#39;t heard it in awhile though. Amber N

  31. That is so beautiful. Those little moments that we don&#39;t know would later shape our lives. Congrats!

  32. I love learning about how couples first met. That&#39;s a cute story!

  33. I will never forget the first time I met my husband. Never would have thought in a million years that we would be married. Crazy,

  34. Oh, I love your writing style! That scenario is totally something I can relate to. I can&#39;t say I remember the last time I used the word Happenstance, though.

  35. Lovely– thanks for sharing!

  36. This made me smile, it made remember the few words me and my boyfriend met.. way back 🙂

  37. Glad to see your posts again! Happenstance is awesome and a movie is made about it too! CHeck it out.

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