AirBnb Reviews: Pillow Talk Hostel, Singapore


As it was my fifth time to use AirBnb, I knew what to do when going to an unknown city: look for a place that was near a landmark that was close to everything else.

And for my trip to Singapore, we picked a place that was near Little India, since there were multiple MRTs nearby for us to hop on and get on another side of the city.

Pillow Talk Hostel came highly recommended since I was booking for 10 people, and we were all curious as to how it would be like to be in a capsule hotel.

When we arrived at Singapore and we were at the MRT, we were overloaded with the different train stops. With one check of our map, we found out that there was an MRT near Pillowtalk, which was the Lavender station.

Once we were at the station, it was a five (ten since we were taking pictures) walk to the hostel.

It was pretty easy to find, and since we were an hour early for check in, we grabbed a snooze on their comfy couches, and even got free water and bread while waiting, since it was part of the amenities of the place.

Once we started to check in, they asked for our passports to be able to register our free sim cards. Yep, the place offered free sim cards to every guest, and it was awesome since that took care of us thinking of where to get a sim card for the country.

We were given locker keys that would keep our valuables safe beneath the capsule beds.

The beds themselves were comfy, enough for one person with a pillow and a blanket.

Although they only turned on the aircon at 7pm, it was relatively cool in the room, with fans situated well to ventilate the area.

The WiFi was really fast, with download speeds up to 100mbps, which is handy if you’re working online.

Unlike other Airbnb’s, they don’t provide towels, but you can rent/buy them at a relatively cheap price, although I recommend the rented towels since it can get bulky in your bag if you buy one.

The bathrooms were clean, and the shower had a heater and you can ask for a free new toothbrush if you forgot yours.

And for those who love free food, as mentioned, they provide drinking water, both cold and hot, plus bread and strawberry jam for the people who stayed at the hostel. You can also toast the bread, use their microwave to heat up left over food and you can also make your own coffee/tea from their pantry.

All in all it was a great stay, and we all definitely wanted to stay there for one more night if we could have. Highly recommended when on Airbnb! <3

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