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When two of your high school classmates open up a beer garden in your hometown, it automatically becomes the place to have high school reunions. That’s what happened anyway when Bien Anicieto and Oliver Bisang, two men I’ve known since the first time I was singing “Teardrops on my Guitar” to myself, opened up Aguz Beer Garden, a restaurant by the Tacloban Bay.



Inspired by the beer gardens in Germany, and the need for a place to hang out in, Bien and Oliver set out to open their own place where anyone can chill and catch up with their friends.



Opened in August 2017, the restaurant is right beside Cafe Lucia, a few meters from Tacloban Astrodome. It’s open from 4pm to 2am. Set up with an open space feel with a view that faces both the city and the airport, you can just stare out into the night with a cold beer in hand.




With their affordable food items ranging from pulutan to rice meals that are guaranteed to fill you up and leave you wanting more, plus alcoholic drinks to pair them with, you can enjoy the Tacloban sunset in this beer garden by the bay.



Their bestsellers, the baked scallops, buttered chicken and their spicy wings will simply make you addicted!



The two owners admit to both love a super dry San Miguel beer, paired with their own baked scallops and fried gizzard. They’re both mostly around the restaurant, ready to make sure you get the best experience.



If you’re looking for a place to be in Tacloban this weekend, make sure to swing by Aguz Beer Garden!



How to get there:


When you’re coming from downtown Tacloban, take a jeep going to Robinsons, San Jose, or basically any jeep passing by Tacloban Astrodome. If you’re coming from outside of Tacloban, just ask the driver if they’re going to pass by Tacloban Astrodome.


Reach out to them on their Facebook page.

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