A Random Poem

This is a random poem
Because I haven’t written one in so long
I will write this in rhyme
Though it won’t be perfect all the time

A line might be short
Or it might be the longest one in this stanza
It’s honestly the last resort
To my one post a day extravaganza

Today was the sixth of January
The sixth day of the year
My day seemed a bit ordinary
But in my head it’s clear

That this year I want to grow intentionally
To be someone who chooses who they want to be
To be someone who can manifest things into reality
To let the world see what I can see

I might fail
I might fail terribly
My ideas might not set sail
My ideas might be a bit sucky

But you only really find out what you want in life
When you go out into the world and live it
Do new things and not live in strife
To live life as you see fit

So I end this random poem with a sixth stanza
As it’s the sixth day of the year twenty thousand eighteen
I hope it made sense and didn’t seem like a brain dump bonanza
I might just really need a bit of caffeine

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